Belgrade, Serbia: Action for Contra Info solidarity-banner days

Stop the society of coercion and control – Stop state, communal and private guard-dogs and debt collectors

Banks are robbing; the States protect and pay them (Libertarians)
Solidarity with imprisoned anarchists – FREEDOM FOR ALL PRISONERS

As part of the call for propaganda actions against repression, we placed three banners in the wider city centre of Belgrade. On the day we carried out an action (8.8.2012) there was also a football match, so the area was crowded with anti-riot police, a fact that gave somewhat additional symbolic meaning to our action. Also, a group of FK Partizan fans offered their help in the placing of one banner, and passersby — from what we could notice/hear — were either surprised by the slogans or had positive reaction. Banners were set few hours before the sport event and they were in their place after that was over.