Athens: 4 years of grassroots server ESPIV.NET – DIY live concert and party at Lofos Strefi (Exarchia)

Cybrigade, the collective that administrates the free server in Greece, is now celebrating 4 years of operation and organizes an event for financial aid on June 23rd, 2012. The event will be held on Strefi hill in Exarchia. There will also be Cybrigade distro as well as other texts by undertakings hosted on espiv server.

Cyberspace, and generally digital space, is relied on the principles of freedom and autonomy. Since 2008, comrades from Cybrigade have tried to confront repression, control and enforcement of the dominant view in the online world and beyond. The collective’s key positions are autonomy, mutual aid and diffusion of knowledge. They strive for a society without statutory hierarchies, oppression or fear. They stand against all those who promote all forms of racism, civil enforcement and similar ideology. They support and promote direct democracy, self-determination, self-management of social wealth, local autonomy, re-appropriation of nature, freedom of expression.

Espiv server was built for the grassroots movement. In its 4 years of operation in Greece, this free server provided infrastructure to everyone who stands against social subordination and prompts social self-determination. Currently the project supports individuals and groups in Europe and America.

Your factual solidarity will enable the comrades from Cybrigade to expand the provision of infrastructure to even more people that will be willing to organize themselves and confront the State, the bourgeoisie, the petty-bourgeois illusions and the dominant discourse.

Saturday, June 23rd, Lofos Strefi, Exarchia, Athens

20.00: DIY live concert
with Achaireftoi | Yponoia | Indico | Kill the Cat | So Uzd

Party till the early hours

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