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Podbor, Czech Republik: More Noise For Life Festival #12

in German

Egaleo, Athens: Benefit gig for arrestees of the 17/09 demo that ended in clashes in Exarchia

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Monday, September 21st 2015, inside the occupied Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens in Egaleo — ten minute walk from Aghia Marina metro station

Graffiti Festival + Open Mics (bring your spray paints) at 16:00 Rap Live by ‘to miasma’, ‘ex nihilo’, ‘ola denoun’ at 20:30

–Assembly of anarchists/antiauthoritarians at the occupied TEI of Athens

Note […]

Athens: LK37 Squat solidarity event

On Sunday, October 5th, 2014, the collective of Lelas Karagianni 37 squat organized a concert at the Polytechnic School in Exarchia as a means to financial support of the squat, and as part of a wider campaign against the repressive machinations of the State and the bosses that are targeting squats, self-managed spaces and social/class […]

Madrid: Police threaten to evict the anarchist squat La Gatonera

We received a notification from the police, threatening once again to evict the social centre if the concert takes place on January 5th, 2014.

The door was forced but they didn’t enter the squat.

Our position is the same as the last time this happened; from our side, the concert will go ahead as planned, assuming the […]

Karditsa, Greece: Antifascist hip-hop gig in memory of Killah P

(Melissia antifa graffiti, Athens)

An antifascist gig with local hip-hop bands took place last night, September 23d, in the city centre of Karditsa. The concert was organized by the Antifascist-Antiracist Solidarity Front. Even though everything was hastily prepared for the DIY live, Pafsilypo Square was crowded with people, sending a clear message to […]

Switzerland: Rhymes of resistance and solidarity from Geneva

The collective “Les Partisans du Hip Hop” has one goal: unite revolutionary hip-hop and support autonomous, anarchist and antifascist struggle.

Big up from the heart of the beast!

RAGE – Antifascist Network Geneva – Agitation Network Geneva

Listen and download the collection of subversive sounds “Rap Guerrilla” by Les Partisans du Hip Hop, recently performed in a concert […]

Wuppertal, Germany: Benefit concert for ABC Belarus

Saturday, April 6th, at 20.00, in the Autonomous Centre Wuppertal

For more information about the anarchist prisoners and the ABC in Belarus:


Barcelona: Solidarity among acratists is not just a written word

The poster reads:

February 8th, 9pm Vegan dinner in the Kasa de la Muntanya With a performance by Petaluda en Elm Street In support of the international anarchist solidarity campaign

May solidarity among anarchists go beyond words!


Santiago, $hile: Solidarity event for anarchist spaces in Greece and the world

On February 2nd, 2013 an anarchist event took place in Santiago at the social center Cueto con Andes as part of the campaign for a Black February, in support of liberated spaces and anarchist comrades all over the world. It was an afternoon of no alcohol or smoking, with a live concert, discussion and collective […]

Germany: Benefit gig for squats in Athens

On January 25th, 2013 in Witzenhausen, Germany, we organized a concert featuring the band Guts Pie Earshot in solidarity with squats under attack across Greece. We placed a banner in our self-managed student club which read: You can’t evict an idea. Hands off all squats. Solidarity to Villa Amalias, Skaramaga and […]

Athens: Upcoming solidarity events for Villa Amalias (squat besieged by cops)

The poster reads:

No one can deprive us of what is already ours

Thursday, December 27th Event at Victoria Square by 17.00pm – The group “Tsiritsantzoules” will perform Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo – Video screenings by and for Villa Amalias squat

Saturday, December 29th – Demonstration in solidarity with Villa Amalias, starting from Propylaea (on Panepistimiou Street) […]

Athens: Benefit gig for Indymedia Athens – Saturday, December 1st

11 years of Indymedia Athens

11 years of self-organized anti-commercial counter-information

We overthrow the communication structures of the existent to open the way to a new society

On Saturday, December 1st, by 20.30pm, a DIY live concert will be held in the Polytechnic School (entrance from Stournari Street, Athens) […]

Berlin: Solidarity concert for ABC Berlin on August 1st, 2012

On Wednesday, August 1st, Alpinist (hardcore downtempo band from Münster) and Masakari (hardcore crust band from the US) will perform live at the Køpi squat (137, Köpenicker Street, in Mitte, Berlin) in a solidarity gig for ABC Berlin. The concert will start punctually at 22.00 (German time).


Thissio, Athens: Open-air benefit concert in solidarity with the 12th February arrestees, jointly organized by people from neighbourhood assemblies

Following numerous solidarity actions and rallies concerning those arrested and prosecuted since the protest on February 12th in Athens, here follows a new call to an open-air DIY live concert with the aim of immediate financial aid for the 4 men that are currently held under pretrial detention in Greek prisons. It must […]

Thessaloniki: Benefit gig for imprisoned comrades

Saturday, June 23rd, by 21.00 in the grass space at the Department of Theology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Concert for financial support of imprisoned fighters, with Dinos Sadikis, Ektos Elenchou (‘Out of Control’), P.R.C (from the city of Veria), Creepy Society, Home ’n’ Dry

I know they never aim at […]

Athens: 4 years of grassroots server ESPIV.NET – DIY live concert and party at Lofos Strefi (Exarchia)

Cybrigade, the collective that administrates the free server in Greece, is now celebrating 4 years of operation and organizes an event for financial aid on June 23rd, 2012. The event will be held on Strefi hill in Exarchia. There will also be Cybrigade distro as well as other texts by undertakings hosted […]

From Serbia to Greece, don’t vote, destroy the social peace

What comrades in Greece and Serbia share in common this period the most is anti-election actions ahead of May 6th, 2012, day of parliamentary elections in both countries.

Voting means delivery of weapons during a waging war… Class-conscious counterattack, now and always.

(Serbia) antifascist graffiti and direct actions against parties and elections

(Greece) antifascist flyposting in Athens […]

Berlin: Solidarity concert for a squat in Athens

In Athens alone, the squats live under constant threat of fascists and police. Organized neo-Nazi gangs attack repeatedly occupied projects with arsons, backed by the police.

The Greek police tend to launch vengeful attacks on squats whenever riots break out.

Very little money is available for the building maintenance of occupied spaces, since currently all funds go […]

Letter from the arrestee C.K.

Letter from a 22-year-old man who was hospitalized after he was violently detained from a police squad while leaving the DIY concert of the free radio station 98 FM at Athens Polytechnic School on Friday, July 8th (after midnight).

On July 14th an investigating judge visited Erithros Stavros [Red Cross] Hospital where C.K. has been […]

Athens: DIY concert organized by the free radio station 98 FM, at the Polytechnic School

Athens free radio station 98 FM organizes a concert on Friday, July 8th, at 22.00 (GMT+2), in the courtyard of the Polytechnic School (Polytechnio, Patission Street —entrance from Stournari Street). The groups ACHAIREFTOI, METHISMENA XOTIKA, INDICO, WAXING GIBBOUS will play live. Revenues will also be collected for the equipment’s fund of the station […]