Athens: Responsibility claim for arson attack on ministerial building in the neighbourhood of Neos Kosmos

‘Among so many nights, so many rocks, so many killed – s/he said –
you, Revolution, opened up the wide avenues for a universal meeting. […]
If nothing else we gained – s/he said – at least we learned
that we shall meet tomorrow.’

Yannis Ritsos, No Politics

We claim responsibility for the attack of April 9th, 2012, on the building that housed the Special Secretariat of Public Administration and Electronic Government, located on the corner of Kallirrois and Theofilopoulou streets in Neos Kosmos (‘New World’, in the southwestern part of the city of Athens).

The Special Secretariat of Public Administration and Electronic Government is empowered to manage ‘malfunctions’ of public administration in terms of shaping and implementing the state policy on human resources, structures and systems of the public sector. Recently, PASOK MP and current minister of Administrative Reform and e-Government Dimitris Reppas, along with the rest of the heads of executive ministries, took part in discussions with the IMF/ECB/EU Troika on labour issues, such as layoffs and suspension of staff, as well as working conditions in the public sector (wage cuts and flexibilization of working hours).

We integrate our attack into the context of practical resistance against structures of dominance, seeking to contribute towards that end, which will lead to an ultimate deconstruction of the existent.

The dominance is watching the social consensus’ destabilization, at a rapid pace, as a result of the generalized systemic crisis, and knowing that the social–class struggles are increasingly intensifying the forms of resistance, not only aims at the military destruction of revolutionary forces and every single fighter, but also seeks the de-signification of the fight itself and its ultimate assimilation by the very system. It is the revolutionary movement’s duty to transform this entire process under a rebellious perspective, keeping an open war against the State and the Capital, and constantly highlighting the political and classist features of the crisis nowadays. The formation of a front without tutelage from the ranks of the oppressed will eventually build levees against the plans promoted by the dominance, having the ultimate aim of social revolution for the overthrow of capitalism, which is able of being reproduced through its destructive and inhumane structure and function.

Functional and basic cell of this front is the revolutionary violence, a political choice that is neither an end in itself, nor an existential outlet for the fulfillment of (self-)referentiality, but is used as a liberating means of struggle against the violence of the capitalist edifice. State violence is a daily condition of capitalist society. It is expressed on many levels and in all aspects of everyday life. It is demonstrated directly, by the obvious, the repressive state apparatuses of army and cops, but also indirectly, by labour coercion, the relationship between employment and consumption, the standardization of everyday life, social inequalities, racial segregation, poverty and wretchedness.

Analyzing today’s conditions and making retrospection to the history of capitalism, our political projectuality becomes much clearer now in the eyes of every individual: Capitalism must be overthrown. Only then will capitalism stop being reproduced through its crises, by which it can shape new relentless living conditions. Real freedom will emerge where there will be no coercion, where work will not be converted into a commodity but will stand as an end in itself and a means allowing each person to express their creative abilities. Thus, only by promoting capitalism’s overthrow, through the social revolution, will we be able to move towards a classless society, of equality and freedom.

We dedicate this blow to the four fighters, comrades Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitroussias and Stella Antoniou, who are being held in pretrial detention since December 4th, 2010. The first three have gone on hunger strike demanding the release of the anarchist comrade Stella Antoniou on health grounds, as well as the lifting of the new vindictive prosecutions against them.

Revolutionary Action