Bialystok, Poland: Antifascist mobilization after one killed and two injured by Nazis

During the Easter holidays, two attacks were carried out by members of “Blood & Honour” in Bialystok. The first victim was found unconscious around 22.30 on Sunday (8/4), and soon died in hospital. Then at approximately 4.30am on Monday Nazis entered the Fiction Pub. They shouted that they will “get rid of leftists” and then clashed with workers and customers, who forced them to leave. However, Nazis managed to hurt a 28-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man. Fighting continued in front of the premises until the offenders fled from the scene.

Due to the events in Bialystok (the result of Sunday’s action is one dead and two injured), and in order to prevent further attacks of fascist thugs, and more injured people, and a growing atmosphere of terror in this city, we are calling for a national anti-racist demonstration in Bialystok.

As Warsaw Antifascist Action, we are convinced of the necessity of such an immediate reaction. We are in touch with the movement based in Bialystok, which shares the same opinion. These are situations where the media outrage is not enough, police investigation is not enough, when a march of silence is not enough…

There are times when the only right answer is loud and assertive social reaction. A reaction of solidarity with all victims of extreme right-wing terror. A reaction which should be the beginning of the end of what is going on for years in Bialystok.

We call the entire “November 11th Coalition” to join this appeal. We call on all other movements that are outraged like us by the scale of racist violence. We call for a large demonstration under the slogan “Stop the Nazi violence”.

The demonstration will take place on Sunday 15th of April in Kosciusko Square, at 13.00

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