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London: Latest communique by Squatters and Homeless Autonomy (SHA)

Received November 14th:Against Apolitical Squatting

Coming to Terms

In Camden, an eight-month squat is evicted by pigs and three are arrested under Section 144, the 2012 ban on residential squatting. A man in a SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SQUAT t-shirt waits for NELSN to forward a text. Two arrive from a council-estate squat further north. Builders […]

Germany: Solidarity with Nikos Romanos from Nuremberg

(originally released on 7.12.2014)

We hung this banner in the West of Nuremberg to publicly show our solidarity with Nikos Romanos in the short run. We wish the comrade much strength in the struggle against the Greek classist justice.

Organize class autonomy. Against the domination of patriarchy, Capital and the State.

The crisis is permanent. December 6th will […]

A brief report from the December 6th riot of Helsinki

The banner on the left reads “let’s stop the cuts, collectivize everything” and on the right “class war now”

On the Finnish independence day 6th of December there was a big riot (on local scale) in the capital Helsinki and the police estimates that a 100 000 euros worth on property was destroyed.

December 6th […]

Athens: Supermarket expropriated in the district of Vyronas as a minimum act of resistance

Everything is stolen; everything belongs to us!

We take back a few of the things we produced with hard labour and our bosses have stolen from us…

The establishment of a state of emergency, in conjunction with the predatory raids of the bosses at work and in our lives, imposes the fear of repression as well as […]

Bern, Switzerland: Antifascists on alert

No space for Nazis and nationalists

The increasing trend toward the right wing in Switzerland is unbearable: xenophobic and racist ideologies get the upper hand. After the admission of the “initiative against mass immigration”, professed neo-Nazis took to the streets in Solothurn, and on the 29th of March a horror compound consisting of supporters […]

Switzerland: Communiqué about the spontaneous demonstration in Bern

Tonight, February 9th, 2014, around 600 people gathered in the city of Bern to protest the anti-immigration ballot results in Switzerland.

As a racist initiative was once again accepted by the majority of eligible voters, numerous people took to the streets to demonstrate against this racist policy. Fear propaganda has agitated against foreigners for years. Racism […]

Switzerland: Communiqué about the spontaneous demonstration in Zurich

Translators’ Note: On February 9th, 2014, following an initiative of the far-right populist party SVP/UDC (Swiss People’s Party/Democratic Union of the Centre, the largest party in Switzerland’s federal parliament), a referendum was held “for or against mass immigration”. The majority of citizens who went to the polls voted in favor of the xenophobic […]

Barcelona: Attack on Deutsche Bank central branch

Solidarity, unity and action. And don’t get caught!

On January 17th, 2014 we smashed all of the glass windows of the Deutsche Bank central branch, located in Barcelona’s major avenue Passeig de Gràcia, in solidarity with the struggle of residents in the neighbourhood of Gamonal, in the city of Burgos, and in solidarity with the comrades […]

Athens: Demonstration against the concentration camps


On Saturday, January 11th, 2014 people carried out a demonstration in the neighbourhoods of central Athens against the detention centres for migrants and the statist “Xenios Zeus” sweep operation. The demonstration was organized by several collectives who are active downtown (From the neighbourhoods of Aghios Nikolaos, Kypseli and Patissia, Antifascists […]

Winterthur, Switzerland: Wipe out WEF!

This solidarity banner, reading “Freedom for Marco – Solidarity as a weapon”, was hung out of the prison in Winterthur, where communist Andi Stauffacher is incarcerated since May 13, 2013.

Click image to read an open letter of Andi, who declared work strike from 22 to 26 of January 2014 as a small contribution […]

Switzerland: Marco Camenish on hunger strike and work stoppage

Marco Camenisch is on hunger strike since the 30th of December 2013, contributing to worldwide resistance, the fight for total liberation, and common revolutionary solidarity beyond the various tendencies, calling out everyone to fight against all forms of domination, exploitation and repression, but also against the class war conducted from above on the occasion of […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for attack at Sioufas & Associates Law Firm (legal debt collection agency)

We are at a juncture where the State and the bosses have launched an outright attack on the poor and oppressed. Impoverishing our lives and condemning us to destitution, Power aims to control every aspect of our everyday life. We are experiencing in our own skin the breakdown of public healthcare and education, layoffs and […]

Finland: Meanwhile, in Tampere…

There’s big news in Finland right now. An estimated 500 people protested the December 6 presidential celebration in Tampere during ice hockey demo against nationalism and capitalism. Banks and department store windows were smashed and cops attacked.

December 6 is Independence Day. It’s also the day of annual elite party organized by the Finnish President. Normally […]

Internacionalističtí proletáři: Solidarity with class struggle in Turkey

click image to read pdf

in Czech

Heraklion, Crete: Fuck February 14th! AntiValentine’s café and rock ’n’ roll night

Make Love & Class War… “Love is not for sale; it is down deep in our soul.”

Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 22.00 in the self-managed café of Evangelismos squat, located on 18, Theotokopoulou street in Heraklion (Crete)

Organized by romantic male violators and female weavers of memory



Greece: On antifascism

These thoughts were submitted by an egoist-nihilist anarchist on Athens IMC.

“I would not even bother to participate in the ongoing debate, but some of the latest comments from an ‘antifascist comrade’ intrigued me.

First, to be able to get the features of antifascist action indexed, I believe one should determine the content […]

Athens: Statement by the open people’s assembly of Peristeri regarding racist police violence

Petros Kapetanopoulos is one of us In the evening of Saturday, July 21st, Petros Kapetanopoulos came out from his home in Sepolia as soon as he heard trouble in his neighbourhood. In the small park across the street, he saw a police patrol car stopped, an immigrant lying on the ground and a […]

From Serbia to Greece, don’t vote, destroy the social peace

What comrades in Greece and Serbia share in common this period the most is anti-election actions ahead of May 6th, 2012, day of parliamentary elections in both countries.

Voting means delivery of weapons during a waging war… Class-conscious counterattack, now and always.

(Serbia) antifascist graffiti and direct actions against parties and elections

(Greece) antifascist flyposting in Athens […]

Athens: Police steel plates that were used to seal off the re-Occupied Social Centre VOX were sold… at a good price for the benefit of political prisoners

The VOX building during the (ultimately failed) eviction…

The Occupied Social Centre VOX, one of the two buildings that were evicted by police in Exarchia on April 20th, was re-occupied the next day by anarchists, neighbours and other people in solidarity, who tore down the steel plates sealing off its entrances.

On April 26th a […]

Athens: Update on the detained immigrant student after the eviction of Valtetsiou housing project

As we reported, on April 20th cops raided the squatted building οn 60, Valtetsiou Street in Exarchia (property of the state-run ‘Social Insurance Institute’–IKA). Three persons were arrested during this eviction. They were kept at a police station, brought before prosecutor (accused of illegal entry), and two of them were finally released. The third person, […]

Athens: Police raid on the Occupied Social Centre VOX in Exarchia

In the first days of 2012, people involved in the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu occupied the VOX building (property of the state-run ‘Social Insurance Institute’–IKA) in Exarchia square, in an effort to turn it into an open social centre. ‘ΒΟΞ’ was the name of a former open-air cinema in the same building, at the corner […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for arson attack on ministerial building in the neighbourhood of Neos Kosmos

‘Among so many nights, so many rocks, so many killed – s/he said – you, Revolution, opened up the wide avenues for a universal meeting. […] If nothing else we gained – s/he said – at least we learned that we shall meet tomorrow.’ Yannis Ritsos, No Politics

We claim responsibility for the attack […]

Turkey: Solidarity call from the collectivities DAF, LAF, 26A and PAYDA for the worldwide general strikes on 29-30-31 of March

The time is now!

Capitalism exists on the one hand by directly targeting people, going as far as to murder them, and on the other hand by making people’s everyday lives much harder. While unleashing this torture, especially in the field of social policies, the State’s pseudo-lawful authority can be felt on individuals.

The bosses […]

Colombia: Against forced recruitment – Insubordination!

The education of military personnel, from the soldier to the highest ranks, necessarily turns them into enemies of the civilian society and the people. Mikhail Bakunin

Once again, on last Tuesday, December 13th, the Colombian State, head of its repressive military forces, called thousands of young people into its clutches to meet the demands […]

WE’VE GOT THE RAGE! General Strike in Greece

Nationwide report from the General Strike in Greece, December 15th 2010

No doubt remains, not even for the most naive, that the State – in close cooperation with all its supporters and mechanisms – has decided to wage a full-scale war against society. They are afraid of the natural social rage, that expressed so far, but […]