Setúbal, Portugal: For an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian May Day

people who have no fear of the sea are not afraid to fight

We are your children, your brothers and sisters, your neighbours. People who serve you coffee at the table, wait the bus with you, and confess to be tired after eight hours of work beside you.

We’re just people… with blood in our veins. We’re not terrorists, we don’t destroy the world or profit from death. On the contrary, we revolt against those who impose terror on the poor and the workers. We attack those who manipulate our lives and exploit and destroy our planet, yet still have the nerve to present themselves in the mass media as good and reliable people. That’ why they consider us a threat and use the means they control to make you believe the same…

Because of our radical love for freedom, it’s not enough for us to protest peacefully while the bankers rob us of our money, the cops laugh in our face when they beat us and the State calls us maggots, protected in its comfortable palace of gold and hypocrisy.

We’re just people… but with spine! We don’t want you to vote for us or anyone else, we don’t wish to make money from politics or to enforce our ideals. We don’t want to be anyone’s masters or anyone’s slaves. We stand shoulder to shoulder with those who want to fight for a dignified, free and solidarian life.

After all, we’re just people, but those that are willing to risk, those that are willing to build, those that are willing to take to the streets and cover their face so we can all put ourselves on the line.

terra livre/free land,

Call for Tuesday, May 1st, 2012, at 14.00 in Lg Misericórdia, Setúbal

Against all authority - We rescue dignity, we fight for freedom

Murderous assault of the police against anarchist protesters
after last year’s May Day demo in Setúbal