Athens: On the occasion of the trial’s postponement concerning the occupation of FLASH commercial radio station, in solidarity with all prosecuted for the Revolutionary Struggle case

Against their war no matter how harsh it is, we will not be terrorized. The persecutions against us will only make us more determined to reach our goals, more confident of our choices.

(The trial date was set for 24th of October 2012.)

On the 10th of January comrades from the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu carried out an intervention-occupation of the corporate radio station The intervention was carried out by the assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case, intending to express solidarity with the members of Revolutionary Struggle, as well as the comrades who are standing trial for the same case since the 5th of October 2011 in the special court of Koridallos women prisons, under a regime of politically compulsive isolation. In an attempt to break the wall of silence around the trial process and the political discourse of the defendants in the Revolutionary Struggle case, we proceeded with this action. This silencing aims at rendering the Revolutionary Struggle case invisible to the political scene and undermining the social foundations of the group, its formation and its action, but also at socially disqualifying the choice of armed struggle. This is why it is crucial that the solidarity movement counteracts.

The detentions at Flash radio station and the ex officio indictments of participants in the occupation are clearly a persecution of political views and in reality penalize political opinion and its public expression. They come as response to the growth of solidarity actions and in this sense consist an innovation premium in the penalization of solidarity itself. These are political prosecutions. Especially when solidarity is expressed to fighters that the State has named “terrorists”, it is considered a crime.

We would like to thank the judicial Power and personally congratulate Mrs. Eleni Raikou, the Athens head prosecutor, who ordered the prosecution, and within 10 minutes of her order the building was surrounded by all scores of repressive forces and obliging prosecutors. If only they had shown the same reflections in the major scandals of our recent history, such as the Siemens bribery, the selling out of state property in Vatopedi, the stock market “crisis”, the telephone tapping cases… a list that has no end. We also can’t fail to acknowledge her scientific grounding since she overcame the difficulty in finding an efficient charge against us by pulling out from the limbo of the juridical armory hat an article of law enacted half a century ago. Mrs Raikou: we return the charge of “praising criminal actions” and, in fact, we upgrade it to participation in terrorist organizations and prolonged facilitating of crimes against society. In particular, you and your kind praise the IMF/Troika, the government, the bankers, and so on. You participate in the institution that rather ironically you name Justice since it is not related to any notion of justice. You serve the Capital  and you facilitate it with your laws to exploit, to degrade and in many cases to murder the workers, the unemployed, the youth… Be sure that our decision is precluded: You are found guilty without any consideration for mitigation. Unfortunately for you, our justice is not blind and has a good memory.

Today that the capitalist system faces a systemic crisis, the system has not only lost any remaining legitimization and consensus from the majority of society, but has also received the anger and indignation of the oppressed, today, in an era of generalized poverty and impoverishment, where the fascism of the Capital and the State prevails, repression consists of one single means.

The immediate mobilization of the executive and prosecutorial order is suggestive to whoever resists, whoever argues the overall overthrow of the system through social revolution that is the only way for the overcoming of contemporary totalitarianism. The ideological, legal and repressive arsenal of Power is clearly consolidated —Zero Tolerance. The message for overthrow and social revolution is considered to be dangerous for good reason.

Against their war no matter how harsh it is, we will not be terrorized. The persecutions against us will only make us more determined to reach our goals, more confident of our choices.

Our response is struggle, and our weapon is solidarity, which stands as the strength of the oppressed and crumbles borders and walls raised by the rulers.

We will continue to stand in even more combative solidarity with our comrades prosecuted for the Revolutionary Struggle case.

The people arrested for the occupation of Flash radio station

In the days that followed the intervention-occupation in Flash FM, a significant amount of announcements and texts regarding the case were circulated by various collectives and groups, while in some cases there was a partial re-transmission of the original stream, which was broadcasted on the 10th of January. Following is a summary of solidarity actions, across Greece, for the occupiers at Flash radio station.

-At the very same day of the intervention in Flash Fm, 10th of January, a counter-information and solidarity PA’s (microphonics) gathering took place in Thessaloniki.

-The day after, 11th of January,  a banner in solidarity with the detainees was dropped in Agrinio city, reading: “No persecution for the people in Solidarity at Flash FM, regarding the Revolutionary Struggle’s Case. Immediate Release-Down with the Junta.”

-On Friday 13th of January an intervention in the local radio station “Prwini” in Kavala also took place  in solidarity to the detainees at Flash fm.

-On the same day, 13th of January, a banner was placed and related texts were distributed in solidarity to those detained at the central square of Larissa. The banner reads:
“Persecutions of fighters- Speech Banned. Junta is here showing us its teeth. Solidarity to the detainees at Flash FM.”

-On Saturday 14th of January, a solidarity PA’s took place in Parartima, Patra, where two banners were placed and related texts were distributed. The two banners reading:
“Solidarity to the detainees for the intervention at Flash FM. Solidarity is our weapon”
“Solidarity is not terrorism. Terrorism is the State and the Power”

-On the same day, the anarchist group Saltadoroi carried out a solidarity PA’s gathering at the Market Square “Agora”  in Chania, Crete. A banner reading:
“No persecutions for the occupiers of Flash FM. The State is the only Terrorist” was placed at the central square  while related texts were also distributed.

-On Friday 27th of January a solidarity PA’s gathering was realized and a text distributed by the anarchist group Cumulonimbus in Corfu island.

-On Saturday, 24th of March, in view of 26 of March, day of trial which finally was postponed for second time, the anarchist collective from the south suburbs of Athens “namous” also realized a solidarity PA’s re-transmitting part of the original stream while many texts were distributed.