Katowice, Poland: Antifascists call for mid-April counterprotests against nationalist manifestations

Migrants in Poland (2008)

The position of the Silesian Antifascist Movement on ONR (National Radical Camp), scheduled for April 14th in Katowice.

A march organized by the National Radical Camp, on the occasion of the organization’s 78th anniversary, will take place on 14th of April in Katowice.

This day will be another opportunity for them to spread the ONR’s slogans that incite hatred based on ethnic or ideological reasons and directed against sexual minorities and all other groups, which are described as “enemies of the nation” —which refers to those who stay far from neo-fascist, anti-semitic and nationalist ideology of this group. Wearing brown shirts with Falanga symbols and Celtic crosses, ONR members delude themselves that their march will prove the strength and validity of their brigades’ views.

The anniversary march, legalized by ONR via Katowice City Council, is not synonymous with the social acceptance of a proposed masquerade. No reasonable-minded citizen of Silesia will support or follow the tradition of these fascist far-right groups.

As Silesian Antifascist Movement, we believe that the attitude promoted by members of the ONR leads to hate speech, calls for violence and social regress by its brutal views based on fascist ideology. In our opinion, iron collars are not enough to attract new followers, and the march planned on the 14th of April is nothing more than mutual admiration circle of nationalists detached from the real social problems.

We can’t give any permission for the proclamation of anti-semitic, homophobic and racist slogans on our streets. That’s why we call for a nationwide mobilization for April 14th to jointly oppose the neo-fascist ideology of the ONR.

Anti-racist demonstration will begin at 13.30 on Freedom Square
(Plac Wolności) in Katowice!