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Yogyakarta Special Region: Mari Berdonasi / Let’s raise donation

received 5/6/18

Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Anti-anarchist Repression after March Against Feodalism (May Day)

– Yesterday, 44 of our comrades were arrested accused of property destruction, provocation, and fighting with the police. Night legal team tried to reached them but still cant make it, as they have been isolated (02.05.18) – One of the Legal Aid was arrested and beaten. – Until now our 12 comrades are still imprisoned […]

Callout: May Day 2017 – We are poor because they are rich… and it’s right to revolt!

As part of our call-out for an Anti-Capitalist May Day we would like to provide some information about an event we will be holding, as well as some general information and ideas surrounding the initial call-out.

We are an initiative made up of various individuals who are working towards organising an Anti-Capitalist themed May Day […]

Alabama, USA: Shut This Shit Down! — by anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble

On May 1st, 2016, prisoners in Alabama will be staging a workstrike at a number of Alabama prisons (more info via

My reasons for shutting down is simple, I want to bring as much pain and disorder to the state (ADOC) as I can as an individual in any way that I can. I don’t give […]

Besançon, France: Diverse and varied destruction… but always well targeted!

A few hours before May 1st, a day that was rainy, boring and depressing as hell…

Strolling with eyes wide open enabled me to notice a few traces of hostility towards this world that’s hated to the highest degree.

In Rue Battant, the big window of the real estate management agency “Nicolas” was holed and […]

Nantes, France: Court repainted red – justice reveals it’s true face

At dawn of a historic day of struggle [1st May], we wanted to make the daily violence of the justice system towards those dominated obvious; whether undocumented, residents of lower-class neighbourhoods, Roma or anti-capitalist activists.

Last April, the Nantes prosecutor Brigitte Lamy chooses not to prosecute the police officers who blinded the anti-airport demonstrators on February […]

Wuppertal: Autonomous May 1st demonstration

Around 300 participants gathered at approximately 2pm in front of the Autonomous Centre in Wuppertal for the twenty-ninth May 1st demonstration since 1986. Many felt that the turnout was disappointing, because this year’s demo was primarily dedicated to sending out solidarity towards the victim of a recent fascist knife attack.

In the small hours of […]

Wuppertal: Call for 1st May demonstration (poster)

The poster reads:

Out in the streets for an autonomous 1st May 2015!

Refugees welcome! Autonomous Centre at Gathe stays!

Whether Pegida (“patriotic europeans against islamisation of the occident”), HoGeSa (“hooligans against salafists”), Nazis, or a mob of citizens – confront racist agitation! Get involved in the social question and develop autonomous perspectives! For the social revolution!

2pm […]

Berlin: Some impressions from May 1st

«We are here! We are everywhere! We live in betonblocks! We eat shit! We breathe death! We will wait no more! Α | Anarchist Group Cement-stone | We are throwing the stones back to you»

This is a brief report-back from May 1st demos in Berlin. It is written by a newcomer, so […]

Gothenburg, Sweden: Mayday banner for counter-information media that are still under repression in Greece

‘Hands off Indymedia Athens – Combat censorship,’ banner in Kungsparken, Gothenburg

At noon on May 1st, this banner was raised at a central location in the city: it was the least we could do as solidarity action for Indymedia Athens, 98FM and ‘Entasi FM’.


Madrid: Mayday antifascist demo reportback – Comrades detained

Brief chronicle of the counter-demonstration in the neighbourhood of Chueca on May 1st

At 6pm on May 1st, various fascist organizations, every one cheesier than the last, called a demonstration that began in Tribunal, a central area in Madrid, very close to Chueca.

On the same day, at 5pm, an antifascist gathering was […]

Turkey: MayDay in İstanbul – Police bombed protesters with tear gas for seven hours in the area of Beşiktaş

May 1st – İstanbul:

In 1977, 36 workers were murdered at the Taksim square and the Turkish government forbid demonstrations at the same square.

In 2007, the “1 may platform” announced that they will be in Taksim square to commemorate the 36 workers that were killed 30 years ago.

In 2007, 2008 and 2009, people fought to enter […]

Setúbal, Portugal: Reportback from MayDay

Nearly 120 persons participated in the anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist demonstration in the city of Setúbal. This was the 4th year in a row that comrades from various libertarian tendencies marched in the streets of Setúbal, in order to vindicate MayDay and promote the fight against the State/Capital.

In 2011, comrades actively resisted the detention of a […]

Switzerland: Solidarity calls for young people that were arrested in July due to May Day actions

We demand freedom for the May 1st prisoners | July 21st, 2012 On Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 the police raided the homes of comrades. The majority of them are between 18 and 20 years old. It is obvious that repression is aiming at young people to show them that their existence might be at stake, […]

Cardiff, UK: Solidarity action for imprisoned anarchists in Turkey

At 5:00pm the 12th of June there was a banner drop and hundreds of flyers were thrown from a multi-storey car park in the centre of Cardiff, as part of the international day of soliarity for the nine imprisoned Anarchists in Turkey.

The banner read: “Free the Anarchist May-Day Prisoners In Turkey”.

The flyer read: “During the […]

Faslane Peace Camp, Scotland: Banner drop in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists in Turkey

On Tuesday the 12th of June, in solidarity with imprisoned Anarchists in Istanbul, comrades from Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland dropped a banner in front of the camp. It runs alongside a busy road which leads to Faslane Naval Base (home to the UK’s nuclear submarine fleet). This solidarity action was expressed amongst […]

Greece: Anti-Nazi and anti-repression demonstration in the city of Mytilini

No State can segregate us; no national flag can unite us

Neither on Lesvos, nor anywhere; smash the fascists in every neighbourhood (Antifascist Initiative of Mytilini)

Nearly 150 protesters participated in the evening demonstration that was called by the Antifascist Initiative of Mytilini on June 1st, in the major city of […]

Berlin: Solidarity gathering for the imprisoned anarchists from Istanbul


On Friday, May 18th, 2012, a gathering in solidarity with arrested anarchists from Istanbul took place in front of the Turkish embassy in Berlin. Several house searches of personal residences, social centres and collectives happened on Monday, May 14th, 2012, in Istanbul (Turkey) and in this […]

Athens, May 17th: Strengthening reciprocal solidarity


On Thursday, May 17th, members of the translation counter-information network Contra Info, continuing an effort to strengthen international and reciprocal solidarity, raised banners on five different locations in the area of Exarchia, downtown Athens.

Beat the scabs up – Solidarity with comrade David Lamarte in Uruguay


Montevideo, Uruguay: Anarchist comrade arrested for clashes with scabs on May Day

Freedom to comrades prosecuted for fighting

They touch one, they touch us all! Solidarity with the fighters!

On Wednesday, May 9th, police detained two comrades, one of them at his working place and the other one at his house. They were both transferred to the Department of Special Operations, and in […]

USA: May Day 2012 in New York

We just received a brief report from the streets of New York:

“Dear comrades,

I want to share with you a couple of images from our wildcat black bloc march in the streets of NYC.

We were approximately 300 anarchists and anti-capitalists. We were in great spirits as we clashed with NYPD! NYPD was not able to contain […]

Turkey: May Day 2012 in İstanbul (videos/photos)

for a free world with no money your days of wealth are over long live animal freedom


Athens: May Day 2012 – Banner drop for the Revolutionary Struggle case

the banner reads:

The only response to the crisis is social revolution Solidarity with those prosecuted for the Revolutionary Struggle case

photos from the demo here

May Day 2012: A few anti-authoritarian/libertarian calls in Europe and America

May 1st, Berlin 1999

Here follow just a few call-outs for May Day(s) 2012. Your own reports from the streets are more than welcome here, in the comments section, or at

USA Occupy May 1st Chicago: Black bloc demo Oakland: Occupy demo New York: Anarchist bike bloc Seattle: Anti-capitalist march

Montréal, Canada: Anarchist black bloc, anti-capitalist calls

Chile […]

İstanbul, Turkey: Police attacked three of our comrades who were pasting May Day posters in Maltepe

Three comrades from the Revolutionary Anarchist Action (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet-DAF) were attacked and detained by cops while they were putting May Day posters on street walls in the Maltepe district of İstanbul. When the comrades resisted the arrest, the cops used tear gas, and then a fight broke out that resulted in injuries.

The cops, who know […]