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Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Anti-anarchist Repression after March Against Feodalism (May Day)

– Yesterday, 44 of our comrades were arrested accused of property destruction, provocation, and fighting with the police. Night legal team tried to reached them but still cant make it, as they have been isolated (02.05.18)
– One of the Legal Aid was arrested and beaten.
– Until now our 12 comrades are still imprisoned and the police continuing the witch hunt.

International solidarity for arrested comrades whatever means necessary!

More information


Updates (received on 03.05.18)


Although this is an exclusive communique towards Yogyakarta or Indonesians in general, we call for international pressure and solidarity against this rotten feudal system that still exist in this century!

Greetings to the beloved people of Yogyakarta, those who vilify our
demonstration which was intentionally intended to censure the
institution of Kraton in Yogyakarta.

Believe us when we say that we already knew, even since before we
carried out our demonstration, that there would be an antipathy from the public towards our demonstration. It is very understandable. Feudalism creates this belief that kings and the royals are like half-divinebeings; their authority is sacred and self-justified. Somene becomes a ruler in a feudal system because they happened to be born in the right family: the royal family. The whole feudal territory is the property of the king and his royal family, and the people are just occupants who can be evicted any time at the king’s will.

The sytem is perpetuated by, among other things, this irrational belief towards the feudal rule. In Yogyakarta, feudalism is what makes Yogyakarta “special”. Politically, this special status means Yogyakarta is not governed by an elected governer like other provinces in Indonesia. Instead, the region is governed by a governer who is also a Sultan. Socio-culturally, this special status has another meaning; it gives a false sense of pride to the people of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is special because it is ruled by a Sultan, and the people are proud about it.

How is being ruled by someone with an unchecked power something that you can take pride of? What is so proudful from being a subordinate of another human being, solely because they were born in the royal family?
Our demonstration was not meant to draw sympathy. If drawing sy mpathy was what we were aiming, we wouldn’t have done a demonstration that disturbed the reproduction of social values like what we did. No, our demonstration was not intended for that. We are not a political party,  a“leftist” organization, an NGO, or the proponents of the incumbent rulers or their opposistions, who need people’s endorsement and sympathy.


Our demonstration was meant to disturb the circulation of capital in
Yogyakarta. We intentionally want  to create a non-condusive situation  for capital investment, be it national or foreign, that will intensify the development and gentrification that disenfranchise the middle and lower class people in Yogyakarta.

We had guessed that the public would be infuriated by our vandalism and provocative calls.

The destruction of one police post and the call to “murder the Sult an!” have massively angered the people of Yogyakarta. The anger is absent when the police repeatedly, with violence, is at the front line of conflicts between people’s interests and the rulers’, on the side of the rulers’ of course, like the one in Temon, Kulonprogo, where there is an on-going process of land-grabbing by the Sultan through the legitimation of Sultan Ground/Pakualaman Ground, a feudal land ownership system, on behalf of the expantion of tourism industry capital. The anger is also absent when the inhabitants of the urban kampungs (informal settlements,slums) have to deal with water shortage, caused by the usage of ground water by hotels and apartments, which construction is being intensified, under the blessing of the Sultan of course.

That call to “murder the Sultan!” that have angered some people of
Yogyakarta, whether we wrote down the call or not, wheter the call was literal or symbolic, has its own importance in ratteling the authority of the Sultan in Yogyakarta, which is seemingly sacred and
unquestionable; a power with no control mechanism because it is
protected by “faith” towards the Sultan’s self-justified authority. This
“faith” is responsisble for the disenfranchisement of the people. Soon er or later, you who are reading this will probably be disenfranchised by the “development” in Yogyakarta too. A “development” for the interests of the Sultan and his cronies; local and national corporations; domestic and foreign invetors.

Yes, the Sultan is one of the main orchestrators of many problems in
Yogyakarta; eviction, land-grabbing, gentrification, and the develo pment that disenfranchise middle and lower class people. The Sultan and his royal family, and also his cronies, are the ones who dominate every economic aspect in Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta is one of the most economically unequal provinces in
Indonesia. The development in Yogyakarta is not carried out for the
interests of the people, but for the interests of the ruling class: the
capitalists and the feudals. In Yogyakarta, the two vile sytems are
having an affair, while crushing the people under; those who aren’t the royals and are the middle and lower class.

Mothers, aren’t you tired of having to visit your children at prisons,
twice a week, who probably had to steal or rob people just to survive?
And the reason why they are in these overpopulated prisons in Yogyarta is the deeply rooted poverty that is prevalent in Yogyakarta. Does your Sultan care?

And then, are we gonna keep fooling ourselves, thinking to oursevels
that everything is fine? Or even, “special”?
We have no interest in being admired. We are not a political party who need people’s votes on elections.

We are just people who are sick. Sick of everything that is going on
around us and how the people are lulled by this false consciousness,
telling them that everything is fine.

We’re calling to the middle and lower class people, intellectuals,
artists, academics, those who claim to be liberals and moderates, and
others who choose to be “neutral”. Do you remember the historical event that gave birth to the concept of modern nation-state? The period that you call the Enlightment Period, where the kings, queens, and the royals were guillotined at the Place de la Révolution. Didn’t it create what you call as democracy?
We don’t mean to repeat or glorify history. The democracy that you
uphold and sell out is not bringing us anywhere other than to poverty, ecological degradation, and dienfranchisment.

We are the libertarians. We are what you call as anarchists. We dream of a world where people cooperate with each other, work together, rule over themselves, in a horizontal way, without rulers, the royals, political contract, social contract, or the capitalists. We want a life in its truest form, where human’s natural desires are in tune with nature; a life without class, racial, ethtnic, religious, and other false divides.

We are what you call utopists.

We want a free society without oppressors. We want a society where
people can have any beliefs, sexual orientations, or anything without
fearing being persecuted.
Total freedom!

The Anarchists

In Portuguese l German

Callout: May Day 2017 – We are poor because they are rich… and it’s right to revolt!

As part of our call-out for an Anti-Capitalist May Day we would like to provide some information about an event we will be holding, as well as some general information and ideas surrounding the initial call-out.

We are an initiative made up of various individuals who are working towards organising an Anti-Capitalist themed May Day event in Armidale, which is situated on Anaiwan land (an area in so-called Australia). The aim of the event will be to bring people together to hold discussions on our conditions and experiences as workers; to devise strategies for improving our lives; and to build support for all sectors in struggle, whether worker, unemployed, local or refugee.

Our initial call-out was a general call to action, and for those who would wish to, or are interested in, an encouragement to organise their own events wherever they are. Here, in so-called Australia, yearly we see a sombre march made up of political parties, bureaucratic trade-unions walking the same set-out route with no feeling, inspiration, or general opposition to the status-quo. What is worse, is that at the end, it usually culminates in a speech from a labor party leader.

From many anarchists/anti-authoritarians/anti-capitalists, we here the same arguments year after year: that is is a great opportunity to get our information out, that we need to be involved with those who are already involved in a union or want to take part in a march. While this may be true in the smallest way, the fact we walk passively behind a contingent of labor, liberal and greens party members is really enough to chuck any argument in defence of this misery out the window. How can we really demonstrate a shift from the perspective of beautifying an exploitative system when we are only tagging along to a procession that has long forgotten the need to struggle against capital and state? We do not condemn those who take part in these rallies, we just envision and hope for more; we desire a movement that can point to, and address the disasters of capitalism. This one day won’t amount to that, but it can highlight so much more than a march made up of political parties/supporters of this cruel system.

We take inspiration from our comrades in Montreal – as well as those throughout the world – who have in determined fashion continued to remember and demonstrate the anti-capitalist and subversive spirit May Day emanates from.

It may not be much, it may not be taken up everywhere or even elsewhere, as we desire, but it will not prevent us from trying. To start somewhere is all we can attempt.

May 1st is a day of solidarity with other exploited people across the world and within our communities. This is a call to reclaim and rebuild the history and struggle against oppression with an anti-capitalist gathering, celebration and resistance.

This year we will commemorate those who fought with their lives for an 8 hour workday in Chicago over 100 years ago, and the innocent anarchists who lost their lives at the hand of the law. On May 1st 2017 we will stand against capitalism, colonialism, borders and the state; we will stand for freedom, community and self-determination as we continue the struggles of workers started so many years ago.

Capitalism continues to steal land, life, culture and language from in the name of profit. The empire it has built on stolen land keeps workers under the boot of the bosses, the unemployed under the boot of the state, as our labour increases their profit margins and we merely survive and dream of the lives we can live in our worn-out bodies come retirement.

On May 1st, 2017 we will gather as anti-capitalists against the systems of oppression that commodify our basic needs and force us to work for our daily bread. The food from the fields and trees and the houses on the streets have all been packaged into marketable products and fenced off from all who cannot pay the price. We are forced into work to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves, our families and loved ones. We are left to beg, steal, squat, and be put in a cage if our survival offends.

But our lives belong to us! Let’s live them in dignity! From popular education to direct action, all tactics are good for reclaiming our freedom from the powerful! It’s time to turn our demands and mobilisations up a few notches!

As long as there are workers that can be exploited for less, here or abroad, wages will be pushed down. As long as our struggles do not include all those suffering under capitalism, the governments will keep cutting down other oppressed folks to give crumbs to the rest, while keeping the biggest part of the cake for itself. This is why class war requires an understanding of how our interests oppose those that are getting richer every year because of the increasing gap between rich and poor, whether locally or internationally. Let’s celebrate a May Day of real solidarities! Let’s not become divided! Lets attack together those who benefit from these conflicts, and overthrow capitalism while we still have time!

We invite all who face oppression to stand up wherever you are; workers, students, carers, unemployed, and undocumented. Through self-determination and mutual aid, we can make our dreams a possibility!

For a world without bosses.
For life without exploitation.

Let’s smash capitalism!

Alabama, USA: Shut This Shit Down! — by anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble

On May 1st, 2016, prisoners in Alabama will be staging a workstrike at a number of Alabama prisons (more info via freealabamamovement.com).

My reasons for shutting down is simple, I want to bring as much pain and disorder to the state (ADOC) as I can as an individual in any way that I can. I don’t give a fuck about “changing any laws” because they are the mechanism that is used to keep people from being free. Fuck the law! The only true freedom is when we act outside of the law.

But in the cause of solidarity I’m asking all outside rebels to express their solidarity with the striking prisoners through free direct action. Join us, protest at an Alabama prison, burn some shit down/up, drop some banners, just cause some fucking chaos. Shit is getting real in Alabama prisons, not that it wasn’t already.

It’s going down! Fire to the prisons and the society that creates them, upholds them, and maintains them. Fuck peace! Locking humans in cages is not peace.

In Love & Rage,

Anarchy Live!

in Greek

Besançon, France: Diverse and varied destruction… but always well targeted!

A few hours before May 1st, a day that was rainy, boring and depressing as hell…

Strolling with eyes wide open enabled me to notice a few traces of hostility towards this world that’s hated to the highest degree.

In Rue Battant, the big window of the real estate management agency “Nicolas” was holed and nicely cracked. Further down the street, the military and nationalist clothes shop “Military Look – Nationales Fripes” lost one of their windows. A wooden plaque now replaces a part of this fascist nest. Finally, the notorious prison builder, “Bouygues”, that possesses a branch in the city centre’s Grande Rue, also paid the price in having one of its numerous windows smashed. All this was hidden in urgency, with the help of a wooden plaque.

an attentive passer-by

Source: Nantes Indymedia | In Greek

Nantes, France: Court repainted red – justice reveals it’s true face

nantescourtAt dawn of a historic day of struggle [1st May], we wanted to make the daily violence of the justice system towards those dominated obvious; whether undocumented, residents of lower-class neighbourhoods, Roma or anti-capitalist activists.

Last April, the Nantes prosecutor Brigitte Lamy chooses not to prosecute the police officers who blinded the anti-airport demonstrators on February 22nd 2014.

Once again, justice endorses the police with the license to kill and mutilate, with full impunity.

The police and justice system have blood on their hands. Today, the court reveals it’s true face.

Revenge for Freddie, Wissam, Zyed, Bouna, Malik, Rémi, Daranka, Quentin, Damien, Emmanuel, and all the others.

From Nantes to Baltimore, never forgive never forget!


Wuppertal: Autonomous May 1st demonstration

Around 300 participants gathered at approximately 2pm in front of the Autonomous Centre in Wuppertal for the twenty-ninth May 1st demonstration since 1986. Many felt that the turnout was disappointing, because this year’s demo was primarily dedicated to sending out solidarity towards the victim of a recent fascist knife attack.

In the small hours of Saturday 11th April 2015, a visitor of the Autonomous Centre (AZ) in Wuppertal – a 53-year-old antifascist with Turkish migration background – was attacked in the street outside the AZ by several offenders and critically injured with numerous stab wounds in the back. Earlier, the same aggressors had provoked visitors of the AZ by shouting slogans of the HoGeSa Nazi group (“hooligans against salafists”). After the knife attack, the three men fled the scene. The wounded antifascist was brought quickly into the corridor of the AZ, where he was given first aid by his friends. The police rushed to the scene, only to delay the emergency medical assistance. In the course of the house search, they destroyed almost all doors of the building looking for suspects, and took first-aiders and witnesses of the incident into temporary custody. Unsurprisingly, all local media spread the police story, i.e. that the cops stormed the building threatening to use batons and pepper spray allegedly because the visitors of AZ had hindered the police forces from rescuing their severely injured friend. The latter has awakened from artificial coma since last week, and his condition has stabilised, but he still needs intensive medical care. In the meantime, according to statements from the AZ, the main perpetrator – a known HoGeSa Nazi – was taken into custody, while the names of his two accomplices also became known to the police.

During this year’s May Day demonstration, the repression forces acted in a restrained manner, with the exception of one motorcycle cop who drove provocatively through the demo, and a police cordon that blocked the way to a kiosk for a short while towards the end.

The demonstration ended at Schusterplatz, the central square in the Ölberg neighbourhood, where refugees had prepared food together with the solidarity group “Refugees Welcome 2 Wuppertal”. In one of the speeches that followed, solidarity was expressed with the attack against a police station on the occasion of the opening of new ECB headquarters in Frankfurt on 18th March 2015, when police vehicles were engulfed in flames. Finally, there was live music – among others, Lotta aus der Krachmacherstraße played her song “AZ bleibt! (Autonomous Centre stays!)”. Unfortunately, there was once again a lack of information-stands at the autonomous street festival.

After the march in Wuppertal, some visitors jointly organised a journey to the anarchist demo in Dortmund, and others traveled together to Essen to attend counter-protests against a Nazi rally.

reportback in German

Wuppertal: Call for 1st May demonstration (poster)

The poster reads:

Out in the streets for an autonomous 1st May 2015!

Refugees welcome! Autonomous Centre at Gathe stays!

Whether Pegida (“patriotic europeans against islamisation of the occident”), HoGeSa (“hooligans against salafists”), Nazis, or a mob of citizens – confront racist agitation! Get involved in the social question and develop autonomous perspectives! For the social revolution!

2pm at Gathe, Wuppertal, near the Autonomous Centre (AZ)
afterwards, street festival in Schusterplatz

and elsewhere: from 6pm
– Stop the Nazi march in Essen
– Anarchist 1st May demonstration in Dortmund

Solidarity and health to the friend of the Autonomous Centre fighting for his life after fascist knife attack. Read more (in German) on the webpage of the AZ Wuppertal. Our comrade will be on our mind on the 1st May march.

More info in German: autonomer1mai.noblogs.org

Berlin: Some impressions from May 1st

«We are here! We are everywhere! We live in betonblocks! We eat shit! We breathe death! We will wait no more! Α | Anarchist Group Cement-stone | We are throwing the stones back to you»

This is a brief report-back from May 1st demos in Berlin. It is written by a newcomer, so it might not be that interesting for people who already know the context of the day in relation to the city, but hopefully it can give an idea to those unaware of how things move on this specific date in the German capital.

We were a small group of comrades that reached Kreuzberg at around 17.00 in order to join the first, unauthorized demo, and then wait for the second one, lets say the official, which is also the main event of the day in terms of political protest. When stepping out of the train one gets the first shock. Thousands of people are crowded in the area, drinking, eating, listening to all kinds of music, and generally consuming and partying. We managed to make it through the big mass of people into Mariannenplatz, the meeting point for the first demo. As I was explained, all these festivities were nothing but a good example of how capitalism can assimilate the meaning of May Day, among other things of course. This unauthorized demo aimed also at bringing back a little bit of the fighting spirit in the area. It was an anticapitalist demo, meaning that one could find many variations of leftists and anarchists participating.

The protesters started moving through the streets of the district, in between the party-animals mass, waving flags and shouting slogans. Every now and then, the pace of the march was changing and people were literally running for 100 meters or more. That is a tactic to avoid being trapped by the cops, who have indeed tried at least once to block the protest but with no success. In terms of numbers, there were more than 1,500 people trying to interrupt the consumers flow and light up the spirit a bit. After almost 45 minutes we reached Lausitzerplatz (still in Kreuzberg), the gathering point for the next demo, that was called for 18.00.

We moved around the park to check what the composition of the people waiting to march was, and after suffering almost for an hour the horseshit of the organizers from the megaphones, we finally took to the streets. I was not really able to recognize what each block was standing for, but the general impression was that there were mainly leftists, socialists, ecologists and scattered smaller groups of anarchists. I cannot say that I enjoyed that second demo, as I did with the first one. Though there were more than 20,000 people on the streets, the general feeling was definitely not a combative one. It was somehow like a walk and a funeral at the same time. One or two slogans now and then, loud music and more shitty talking from the megaphones, since those on the demo-tracks thought it was funnier to cover people’s voice with their propaganda, than to leave them speak by themselves. In any case, the majority of the protesters did not really look like wanting at least to chant wide and loud. Riot cop squads were not visible until the middle of the itinerary, but they were lurking in the side-streets in large numbers. Police helicopters, cops on the roofs filming, journalists and tourists taking pictures, plain clothes cops mingled with the demonstrators, with police vans in line.

Well, that was more or less all I saw. We decided not to stay till the end of the demo, given we were not in the mood to get busted for no reason. People on the street were extremely relaxed, and in their vast majority not organized to defend a possible attack from the cops, or to pass first on the offensive.

Other comrades, that made it to the end, report that there was at least one dynamic moment close to Hermannplatz in Neukölln district where the cops tried to intervene against the demo but were pushed back. From Südstern metro station and onwards police forces cordoned the march, leading to skirmishes with the protesters, since people resisted their attempts to split the demo. However, on one occasion the front bloc was kettled by riot squads. In the end, the huge mass of people was led through a very narrow street. Even though this created a claustrophobic ambient, it also made it difficult for cops to arrest people at that moment, since there was no coming forth and back. The final destination point was the offices of the SPD party. Given there was not enough space for the crowd, cops managed to control the scene leaving the vast majority of protesters on the outside. On the way back to Kreuzberg there were minor hit and run exercises, and at Kottbusser Tor metro station some bottles and many fireworks were thrown to the repressive forces, but nothing special all in all.

Cops made 65 detentions; well, they had to justify their massive presence in the area (7,000) somehow.

Just for the story, here are some of the slogans shouted by our small group:

In German:
The State is the real terrorist
Work is the real terrorist
A for revolt, a for anarchy (to oppose the a-anti-anticapitalista)
Solidarity, anarchy, resistance

In English:
Our passion for freedom is stronger than their prisons

In Spanish:
Freedom for anarchist prisoners
International and insurrectionary struggle, death to the States and the Capital

In French:
First, second, third generation, we are all migrants children

In Italian:
Anarchy, destabilization, direct action, insurrection

Madrid: Mayday antifascist demo reportback – Comrades detained


Brief chronicle of the counter-demonstration in the neighbourhood of Chueca on May 1st

At 6pm on May 1st, various fascist organizations, every one cheesier than the last, called a demonstration that began in Tribunal, a central area in Madrid, very close to Chueca.

On the same day, at 5pm, an antifascist gathering was called in the Plaza de Chueca. The call was put out just a few days in advance, and it was unknown what response it would bring.

Well before 5pm, there was already a large police deployment in Chueca, and the antifascist gathering was surrounded from the beginning. The strategy seemed clear: To wear out the counter-protesters and keep them there until the fascist demonstration would be over. But the shouts, good humor, resistance, and dignity didn’t wear out, and the comrades stayed united and combative while surrounded by police for two hours. Around the edges various groups went around and around without being able to join the gathering, but waiting the whole time for the group of their comrades and the fascists.

There were two encounters that we know of with unsuspecting Nazis. In the first, two of them who were arriving late to their demonstration along Fuencarral street (a main pedestrian street, very commercialized and filled with people and cops) ran a flat 200 meters trying to escape a group of antifascists, but had such bad luck that further down they ran into another group. One of the Nazis was hit in the face with a helmet that a compa graciously offered him. They were rescued by a police patrol, but it was priceless to see a Nazi with an ACAB patch on his jacket begging for protection from the pigs. The other was the Nazi who appears in the pictures (or disappears, because he blends in with the boys in blue he likes so much). He was given a good scare, but of course he was saved by the arrival of a van from the anti-riot squad. As you can see from the pictures, they got along well. He opened the door to let the cops out, and got right in…

Where is the Nazi?

When all those who were in the gathering in Chueca got out after being frisked, having their IDs checked and (for many) being photographed, some of them met up with other groups that were outside the cordon and headed to Tribunal, where there was a scuffle with the police and two comrades were held. Since it looked like they were going to be detained, the rest barricaded the street and pulled stones from a dumpster to throw at the cops.

The cops charged hard, shooting rubber bullets and chasing the demonstrators, detaining one person; we don’t know if this person was with the group or not. The two comrades who were held earlier have been released, but other detentions were added to the tally in the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, far from the gatherings and long afterward.

Solidarity with the detained.
Against the system, democratic or fascist. For anarchy.

Update: A total of four detainees from the antifascist Mayday in Madrid remained two nights in the cells, and were all released on Friday, May 3rd after standing before prosecutor (restrictive conditions were imposed against at least one of the comrades, who is awaiting trial).

Turkey: MayDay in İstanbul – Police bombed protesters with tear gas for seven hours in the area of Beşiktaş

May 1st – İstanbul:

In 1977, 36 workers were murdered at the Taksim square and the Turkish government forbid demonstrations at the same square.

In 2007, the “1 may platform” announced that they will be in Taksim square to commemorate the 36 workers that were killed 30 years ago.

In 2007, 2008 and 2009, people fought to enter the square and police attacked with massive amount of tear gas and dispersed the crowd each time.

In 2010, 2011, 2012, the government allowed people to gather at Taksim square.

In 2013, the government banned access to the square once again.

May 1st, 2013 – Beşiktaş, İstanbul: Continue reading Turkey: MayDay in İstanbul – Police bombed protesters with tear gas for seven hours in the area of Beşiktaş

Setúbal, Portugal: Reportback from MayDay

Nearly 120 persons participated in the anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist demonstration in the city of Setúbal. This was the 4th year in a row that comrades from various libertarian tendencies marched in the streets of Setúbal, in order to vindicate MayDay and promote the fight against the State/Capital.

In 2011, comrades actively resisted the detention of a demonstrator, what triggered a repression blow. Thugs in uniform went mad and started to shoot people with plastic pellets after the end of the demo. Cops also used their firearms, and shot bullets into the air. People continued to resist, even after the police shooting.

The 2012 demonstration was focused on showing that anarchists are not afraid to step forward and claim their beliefs in public, regardless of the police repression. It was also the first time that the Nazis of PNR were calling for a demo in the city. This is why self-defense was a priority issue that year. Comrades were ready to fight back, well-equipped with helmets, sticks-flags and improvised shields, while many protesters coming from other Portuguese cities attended that demo as well, in order to stand in solidarity with the anarchist space in Setúbal.

This year things were a bit different. Combative spirit was definitely present, but organization of self-defense groups was certainly missing. Nearly 25 comrades were carrying sticks-flags, so there was not enough force to defend the protest march in case the cops would attack, or to go first on the attack against the pigs and the symbols of Power.

Recall that on March 16th, 2013 Rúben Marques was assassinated by the police in the neibourhood of Bela Vista in Setúbal, after a motorcycle chase on traffic regulation violation. The cops that shot the 18-year-old youth with rubber bullets claim he was wearing no helmet. Clashes broke out after this police murder. Continue reading Setúbal, Portugal: Reportback from MayDay

Switzerland: Solidarity calls for young people that were arrested in July due to May Day actions

We demand freedom for the May 1st prisoners | July 21st, 2012
On Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 the police raided the homes of comrades. The majority of them are between 18 and 20 years old. It is obvious that repression is aiming at young people to show them that their existence might be at stake, to humiliate and to scare them while they are either still in school, in training or in a job. They were arrested and taken into custody. One of them is free again since Friday, July 13th. All of them have been taken in because of activities on May 1st, either at the demonstration in the morning as well as during the afternoon around the revolutionary fest on and around the Kanzlei area, in Zurich.

The State, represented by police, district attorneys and the justice system, is displaying their power politics insistently, by exhibiting that they want total control of all public spaces. They want to scare-off anyone who wants to be in a public space and display their own politics and ideas. This does not only become clear on May 1st, but also in an obvious increase of control and surveillance of public spaces, the chasing away of “undesired groups” under the pretext of up-boosting the value of the city (as it is daily done by police patrols at the Bäcker Park) or by persecuting participants of illegal parties. In all of these cases the attacks of the State aim at exhibiting power politics and to demonstrate that nothing and no one is tolerated in public spaces when used outside of state control.

We will not be intimidated and scared-off by these attacks. We know that public spaces are ours and we will use and defend them. That is why we have to work together to fight and defend our spaces. Continue reading Switzerland: Solidarity calls for young people that were arrested in July due to May Day actions

Cardiff, UK: Solidarity action for imprisoned anarchists in Turkey

At 5:00pm the 12th of June there was a banner drop and hundreds of flyers were thrown from a multi-storey car park in the centre of Cardiff, as part of the international day of soliarity for the nine imprisoned Anarchists in Turkey.

The banner read: “Free the Anarchist May-Day Prisoners In Turkey”.

The flyer read: “During the May 1st demonstrations in istanbul Turkey, the buildings of banks and multi-national corporations were targeted in a series of actions. Two weeks later, the homes of activists were simultaneously raided and sixty people were arrested in connection with these actions. Nine of these people remain detained in prison. We demand the immediate release of those nine anarchist comrades in prison. Solidarity with anarchists in Turkey.”

The flyers were blown throughout the city and many people picked them up out of interest. The banner remained on the car park the entire night, but was taken down at some point the next morning.

Total solidarity!
Fire to the banks and prisons!

Faslane Peace Camp, Scotland: Banner drop in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists in Turkey

On Tuesday the 12th of June, in solidarity with imprisoned Anarchists in Istanbul, comrades from Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland dropped a banner in front of the camp. It runs alongside a busy road which leads to Faslane Naval Base (home to the UK’s nuclear submarine fleet). This solidarity action was expressed amongst the 30 days of action taking place to mark the 30 year anniversary of the peace camp.

Greece: Anti-Nazi and anti-repression demonstration in the city of Mytilini

No State can segregate us; no national flag can unite us
Neither on Lesvos, nor anywhere; smash the fascists in every neighbourhood (Antifascist Initiative of Mytilini)

Nearly 150 protesters participated in the evening demonstration that was called by the Antifascist Initiative of Mytilini on June 1st, in the major city of Lesvos Island. Many texts were shared out, including flyposting, antifascist slogans were chanted, while walls were painted with graffiti and stencils along the route. There was no threat from cops or neo-Nazis during the protest march.

The demo had also a wider counter-informative character. Comrades have spread some facts about the recent (and ongoing) repressive wave and pretrial incarcerations against anarchists in Istanbul, in relation to the May Day protests, through the dissemination of an open letter from anarchist prisoners to the public (here), translated in Greek by “Squat in Mpineio” (here). Comrades threw related fliers along the demo route to make passersby aware of this case, thus demonstrating their solidarity with imprisoned and prosecuted anarchists in Turkey.

In addition, leaflets were shared out in solidarity with three anarchists in Athens who are threatened with completely unsustained prosecutions, in relation to the death of three bank employees in the Marfin bank branch on May 5th, 2010. Last year, in April 29th, 2011, the same three anarchists were kidnapped by cops and detained, but they were never officially charged, so they were released. Nevertheless, the “investigation” has not yet ceased.

The State/Capital takes revenge on anarchists; let’s take revenge on the State/Capital everywhere.

What’s hazardous for people is not whores seropositive for HIV but the acceleration of fascism in society (flyer about currently prosecuted female prostitutes that were found HIV-positive after raids in migrants’ homes in Athens and “health checks” in brothels and downtown streets frequented by sex workers)
Nazis aren’t cool / The more they steal your life, the more they have you doped with nation and race

source/more photos / few more antifa demos

Berlin: Solidarity gathering for the imprisoned anarchists from Istanbul


On Friday, May 18th, 2012, a gathering in solidarity with arrested anarchists from Istanbul took place in front of the Turkish embassy in Berlin. Several house searches of personal residences, social centres and collectives happened on Monday, May 14th, 2012, in Istanbul (Turkey) and in this context 60 activists got arrested, while PCs, hard drives and other private documents were seized and confiscated by police.

The cops used the actions which took place on May Day in Istanbul as a pretext to legitimize the arrests and house searches. But, in this context, it turned up that the social movements in Istanbul are under special observation by the repression organs since one year. First, the police denied the lawyers of the activists to get in contact with the imprisoned and find out their identities. It wasn’t clear whether they are exclusively anarchist activists, or if also their friends became a target of police. Until the evening of May 17th, 45 detainees were released, and further 15 people were still held in custody and awaiting trial (on May 18th)*. Private documents are still confiscated. Thus, none of the released activists is safe or acquitted.

With this gathering in front of the Turkish embassy in Berlin, we wanted and want to show our solidarity with the detained activists and social movements in Istanbul. During the gathering we informed passersby through speeches, we shared out leaflets (in Turkish and German) and protested loudly against the repression in Istanbul. Furthermore, we expressed our general hopes for a society freed from any kind of prison and oppression.

Love and anarchy!
Some freedom-loving anarchists

* According to the latest report, 9 anarchists were ordered to be remanded in custody.

Athens, May 17th: Strengthening reciprocal solidarity


On Thursday, May 17th, members of the translation counter-information network Contra Info, continuing an effort to strengthen international and reciprocal solidarity, raised banners on five different locations in the area of Exarchia, downtown Athens.

Beat the scabs up – Solidarity with comrade David Lamarte in Uruguay

At the main entrance of the Polytechnic School (Polytechnio), on Stournari Street, we placed a banner in solidarity with comrade David Lamarte, taxi worker in Montevideo, who was arrested by the law enforcement authorities of the Uruguayan State on May 9th. On May 17th a protest rally was called in support of David in Montevideo, so we sent a signal of solidarity from Greece on the same day. David Lamarte is an anarchist comrade with active participation in resistance movements for 15 years now, from the older Anarcho-Punk Resistance during adolescence years up to his involvement in the combative union of taxi drivers and telephonists (SUATT), as well as various other anarchist collectives. He is currently threatened with imprisonment of 3 months to 3 years, depending on the appetites of the judicial authorities, whose decision is pending. The comrade is incarcerated and accused for clashes with scabs taxi drivers, and also for breaking a taximeter, during the May Day strike events.

In the closed gate of the Polytechnic, on the central Patission Street, we hung a banner written in Portuguese and Greek, in solidarity with favelas and squats in Brazil that are mercilessly attacked by the capitalist sharks and the scum of the Brazilian judiciary and police. The slums of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and so many more areas of the Brazilian territory are being bulldozed on a daily basis, as the construction of monstrosities for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games and in general the Capital’s plans for ‘gentrification’ are being advanced. Thousands of families have been displaced and thousands more people will be displaced and be left homeless for the sake of the notorious ‘development’ and major sporting events. On the same day that the Olympic flame was handed over from Athens’ Kallimarmaro stadium to the UK for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, we said FUCK THE WORLD CUPS AND THE GAMES.

From Athens to Barcelona, the hate is growing as days are passing

In Exarchia square we placed a banner in solidarity with anarchists and insurgents in Barcelona that have experienced the fierce onslaught of the State’s dogs since the general strike of March 29th, with raids in houses and arrests of activists, as well as vindictive pretrial incarcerations of protesters, with the militarization of the city of Barcelona and the wider Catalonia, along with the fostering of a terror-frenzy climate by the shitty TV channels and the regime’s newspapers, amidst an unprecedented criminalization of social struggles and subversive actions. We raise our fist and greet the comrades who do not kneel, chanting ‘Long live the Rose of Fire!’ (after the city’s nickname).

Also, in Exarchia square we put an English banner in solidarity with anarchist comrades in Turkey, where the cops and the judges seek to terrorize and hinder the momentum of comrades who have come forward and fight against the barbarity of the State and the Capital. The repression which began on May 14th—including mass arrests, political prosecutions and raids in anarchists’ homes and social hangouts—is the rulers’ response to the insurrectionary scenes that were lived in the streets of Istanbul on May Day. At the same time that Nazis and patriots in Greece are looking for ‘military incidents’ with Turkey, we say FUCK THE STATE, THE ARMY AND THE LAW, in Greece, Turkey and everywhere.

Outside the old faculty of Chemistry (Chimio) on Solonos Street—a few meters from the Law School (Nomiki), which has developed into one of the theaters of operations by institutionalized fascism—we hung a banner written in French, in order to appeal to French speaking immigrants. The banner reads: ‘A BULLET FOR EVERY NAZI, A MOLOTOV FOR EVERY BOSS; AND FOR ALL IMMIGRANTS, OUR SOLIDARITY.’

We were left with some paint, so we made sure to write a few slogans in Spanish and French against the prison society, in solidarity with prisoners across the world.

Solidarity is not only a written word

For the diffusion of arsonist international solidarity!
Fire to the States and their borders!

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Anarchist comrade arrested for clashes with scabs on May Day

Freedom to comrades prosecuted for fighting
They touch one, they touch us all! Solidarity with the fighters!

On Wednesday, May 9th, police detained two comrades, one of them at his working place and the other one at his house. They were both transferred to the Department of Special Operations, and in the morning of Thursday, May 10th, they were taken to the Court to testify.

The one was released, while comrade David was taken in custody once again, accused for attacking a scab taxi driver, who was working on May Day.

The sentence might extent from 3 months up to 3 years’ imprisonment, and the judge will take his decision during the next 10 days. Comrade David is been charged with physical assault and material damages on vehicles.

What the State condemns is not just the aforementioned incident, but the attack against the crutches of its bosses, since it is not very convenient for their world of exploitation; what is being convicted is the rupture with the life conditions that are imposed by the State and the Capital.

At the same time, they try to generate fear to all those that will not bow their head or look away, all those that do not resign, and all those that do not accept this way of living. This is why we address a call to stand in solidarity, so that we make it clear that no comrade will be left alone.

Friday, May 11th: Solidarity gathering at Libertad Square, by 16.00, for the liberation of anarchist comrade David.

source: periódico anarquía

A scab, an enemy.

photos of more solidarity graffiti

USA: May Day 2012 in New York

We just received a brief report from the streets of New York:

Dear comrades,

I want to share with you a couple of images from our wildcat black bloc march in the streets of NYC.

We were approximately 300 anarchists and anti-capitalists. We were in great spirits as we clashed with NYPD! NYPD was not able to contain us as we lead them on a chase through lower Manhattan for about one hour as we took our streets back. It was a fast paced march with very few arrests.


Solidarity with all Anarchists around the world, for a free humanity

Read also: Pre-May Day raids of homes in NYC

Turkey: May Day 2012 in İstanbul (videos/photos)





for a free world with no money
your days of wealth are over
long live animal freedom

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May Day 2012: A few anti-authoritarian/libertarian calls in Europe and America

May 1st, Berlin 1999

Here follow just a few call-outs for May Day(s) 2012. Your own reports from the streets are more than welcome here, in the comments section, or at contrainfo@espiv.net.

Occupy May 1st
: Black bloc demo
Oakland: Occupy demo
New York
: Anarchist bike bloc
: Anti-capitalist march

Montréal, Canada: Anarchist black bloc, anti-capitalist calls

: Anti-capitalist gathering
Curicó: Anarchist events

Montevideo, Uruguay: Anarchist demo

Colombia: May 1st, Bogota 2011

Nicosia, Cyprus: Occupy Buffer Zone

Setúbal, Portugal: Anti-authoritarian demo + Antifascist call

Dublin, Ireland: Anti-authoritarian bloc + an older mayday leaflet

Prague, Czech republic: Anarchist demo  + Antifascist festival

Zurich, Switzerland: Animal, human & nature liberation bloc

Belgrade, Serbia: Anarcho-syndicalists’ call

, 35 years after the Taksim massacre: Anarchist calls for the demo
Bursa: Anarchist carnival

Athens: Anarchist and other calls
Thessaloniki: May Day calls
Call-outs in major Greek cities

CGT-CNT-SO anarcho-syndicalist call
, Catalonia: Anarchist/libertarian bloc
, Valencia: Anarchist bloc
, Galicia: Anarchist demo

Berlin: 25 years after the riots in Kreuzberg + Insurrection days
Berlin, Hamburg, Fürth, Stuttgart, Duisburg, Nuremberg, Bonn:
Antifascist/anti-militarist/anti-capitalist calls + mobilization video

İstanbul, Turkey: Police attacked three of our comrades who were pasting May Day posters in Maltepe

Three comrades from the Revolutionary Anarchist Action (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet-DAF) were attacked and detained by cops while they were putting May Day posters on street walls in the Maltepe district of İstanbul. When the comrades resisted the arrest, the cops used tear gas, and then a fight broke out that resulted in injuries.

The cops, who know the Revolutionary Anarchist Action from the workers’ struggles and strikes in Maltepe, also shouted to our comrades that “Here is neither Greece, nor Athens!

We won’t be frustrated or intimidated by police.
We will continue our anarchist struggle.

Hands off our comrades!

sources: anarsihaber, anarsistfaaliyet