$hile: Text about the four murdered inmates in Chillan prisons, after the 2010 earthquake

As you may already be aware, after the earthquake on the early hours of February 27th, 2010, the walls of the extermination centre called Chillan prisons were torn down due the wild nature’s violent blow. In this context, and as a natural response to the fortunate prison’s collapse, 269 inmates escaped, but in the midst of chaos four of the prisoners were murdered by the repressive forces that immediately rushed to quell the prisonbreak, namely the Investigation Police of Chile (PDI), the Carabiniers and the prison guards of the Gendarmerie.

The assassinated were:
– Rodolfo Angel Leal Medina (31-years-old), accused of simple theft
– Luis Guillermo López Velenzuela (22-years-old), accused of robbery
– Jonathan Andrés Aguirre Aguirre (23-years-old), accused of house burglary
– Horacio Ernesto Núñez Zambrado (41-years-old), accused of house burglary

Chillan prison after the escape

The three first were shot dead by the Gendarmerie, the PDI or the Carabiniers, while Horacio was burned alive from the arson caused by the prison rebellion during the breakout. Obviously, he was one more murdered prisoner, given that the guards assisted by the rest of the cops sought to keep the inmates locked up in the midst of the fire.

‘He was into drugs and hung out with other kids involved in this kind of silly things… like stealing… these two years have been very bad for me; I’m on medication due to depression, sometimes I can work, but the depression keeps coming back and I stay numb… and the only thing I’m doing is sleeping and sleeping
—excerpt from the statement of Jonathan’s mother from an interview in the local journal La Discusión

In search of ways to express solidarity with the families, not letting neither Jonathan, nor anybody murdered by the police and the prison society sink into oblivion, I want to be clear in stating my position as an anti-prison person for reasons that would need an entire book to be argued; but I prefer to make this text a remembrance of who our enemies and assassins are, those who are often defended by the so-called ‘citizen’ —a term which I deny as well. It’s worth mentioning that unfortunately (for me) there are only 13 fugitives now from that breakout after the prison’s collapse.

No one murdered by the State will be forgotten.
Mutiny and getaway!

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