[Spain] 11 rabbits liberated

In the first eight months of 2010, 526 million of animals were murdered in Spanish slaughterhouses, 36 million of which were rabbits. Born in cages, these animals come out of their prison time, 70 days later, only when they are sent for slaughter.

The rest of animals have their own interests and want to own their lives, but as long as society does not change and maintain its vision of property towards them, thousands of millions of animals will continue to live as slaves and to die as victims of human selfishness.

For these reasons, during last September we released 11 rabbits from a farm destined for meat production.

Bring a vegan way of life (100% vegetarian) is entirely possible for each of us, so it is completely unnecessary to use products of animal origin.

Veganism is not a personal choice, since our consumption habits have a direct impact on life and death of individuals bred for our interests. Therefore, individual change is necessary for a collective change, and while this doesn’t occur, we will not stop working for our equals, liberating them, doing whatever’s in our hands; we will open all cages that we find in our way.

We are the baker of your neighbourhood, the mechanic from the shop on the corner, the history professor in your university.

We are many, becoming more, and we are everywhere.