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Belgrade: Banner drop at the Faculty of Philology in the context of ongoing student protests

Group of anarchists on the 31st of October left a banner on the building of the Philological Faculty in Belgrade with the text: “Against brainwashing, suck ups, future politicians and managers. Down with the schools! For free knowledge!”

This banner was made in the context of current student protests.


The misery of Belgrade’s student Left

Faculty of Philosophy under student blockade, Belgrade, October 2014: “Here I am, there you are, we got protest” (slogan freely transcribed).


Student problems as such, as specific problems, don’t exist. Problems that students have are closely related to the totality of society, that is, the totality of what represents the life of every […]

Belgrade: Extreme right-wingers prevented from participating in discussion at the Faculty of Philosophy

On Wednesday the 11th of December 2013, an unknown till then student organization planned to discuss the hazards of GMO foods in the premises of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Among others, fascist Miroslav Živković, coordinator of the campaign “For Serbia without GMO” of the nationalist clerical political party “Dveri Movement”, as well as […]

Indiana, USA: Solidarity with self-organized radio station 98FM and web project Athens IMC (Athens Polytechnic School)

Click here to read a solidarity statement released in conjunction with the end of the campus strike at IU, in Bloomington, Indiana.

San José, Costa Rica: Reportback from a student demo on October 9th

In October 2012, San José (capital of Costa Rica) saw a large student demonstration against a veto that the country’s president Laura Chinchilla Miranda put on the law amendment which suggested the free use of copyrighted material or intellectual property for nonprofit educational purposes. In other words, she recently blocked the decision of the Congress […]

Greece: Strong clashes in the city of Agrinio in remembrance of Alexis Grigoropoulos (1993-2008)

In Agrinio, approximately 350 school students held a commemorative demonstration for Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead by cops on December 6th, 2008.

When the anti-repression march reached the city hall, the youths stormed the DIAS police motorcycle team that guarded the building. Firebombs and stones were thrown at the terrified police […]

Istanbul: Anarchist high-school students detained for distributing handouts against vocational education

On the morning of November 6th, 2012 three anarchist high-school students were taken into police custody in front of İsmail Erez Industrial Vocational High School in Istanbul, while they were passing out fliers against vocational training. Cops beat the three comrades and forced them into patrol cars.

In previous months, other comrades […]

Spain: Report on the protests on September 3rd in the Madrid Autonomous University

Story of a clear defiance played out before our eyes. Esperanza, why are you hiding? (How direct action and struggle is the only way forward.)

September 3rd. Inaugural ceremony of the academic year at the School of Medicine of the Madrid Autonomous University (UAM). The ceremony is annually attended by a who’s who from […]

Tenerife, Spanish State: “Your ears have walls and your walls have ears”

We shall burn the university down, solidarity with the students in Canada.

CeCe freedom. Death to transphobia and racism.

They’re killing us and calling it a crisis.

In an effort to keep up actions in solidarity with the Contra Info callout, new slogans have […]

Callout for solidarity with Montréal social unrest —circulate widely!

“You can cut down all of the flowers but you cannot stop the spring” —poster circulating around the strike

THE LAWS On Friday, May 18th, 2012, two new laws came into effect in Montréal. Their purpose is to stifle the anti-capitalist revolt that has emerged from the student strike that began in this province […]

Medellín, Colombia: Riots at the University of Antioquia (UdeA)

December 1st, 2011

April 18th, 2012

On April 18th, 2012, several individuals, most commonly called ‘capuchos’/hooded—anarchists in their great majority—assembled in the University of Antioquia in Medellín aiming at clashing against all authority, in order to demonstrate their diverse struggles and staging of freedom as praxis, that is the everyday life as a battlefield.

Using advanced […]

Montréal, KKKanada: Riot against the “Plan Nord”

A demonstration against the neo-colonial project “Plan Nord” (North Plan), which seeks to exploit to a maximum extent the minerals in Québec’s northernmost territories for the profit of mining companies, has turned into a street battle between insurgents and riot police, with an intensity and length rarely seen in Montréal.

Gathering about 2,000 people including indigenous […]

$hile: Images from student protests

On April 25th the demonstration called by the Confederation of Students of Chile (CONFECH) ended with 69 arrests in Santiago alone. Several students were injured by pellet rifles. Apart from the use of anti-riot shotguns, the march was marked by arsons on public safety booths, among other actions. In Valparaíso, a student was run over by […]

Santiago of $hile: Student protest in Almagro park (video)


The student march, which was not ‘authorized’ by the government, was held on Thursday morning, March 15th, but there were also demonstrations in the late afternoon of the same day in various parts of Santiago, in support of the resisters in Aysén. Amid clashes and riots, hooded protesters (encapuchadxs) tried to burn a Transantiago bus in […]

Montréal, KKKanada: Police violence and retaliation in the context of the general student strike movement

Since the last February14th, a vast strike movement is shaking the post-secondary studies sector (colleges and universities) in the province of Québec. This general strike movement, mostly lead by a left-wing coalition of student unions – the CLASSE (French acronym for Broad Coalition of the Association for Student Syndicalist Solidarity) – has set itself, as […]

Barcelona, Spain: Boycott and sabotage in the Congrés metro station

Barcelona #F29


Today, Wednesday, February 29th, we went down in the Congrés metro station and we destroyed everything – cameras, ticket vending and validation machines, ticket office and publicity stands.

If the question is why, then we say we have plenty of reasons to attack on TMB (the metropolitan transport system of […]

Valencia, Spain: Direct actions for the student mobilizations, in response to repression

On Monday night, February 27th, various actions were carried out in the city of Valencia: – Burning of 2 ATMs located in the university campus – Discarding an ATM by using a cement block – Burning of a tram stop

We undertook these actions because of the situation we are experiencing in Valencia. Police repression during […]

Spain: Urgent call for action in solidarity with protesters in Valencia

Murderers in uniform beat and detain young people for standing up for their rights, as ongoing protests of numerous students and supporters face an epidemic of police brutality.

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2012, large police force attacked a protest of school students outside the IES Lluís Vives (Institute of Secondary Education, with students from 13 to […]

Halandri, Athens: Attack on police station during December 6th demo

As part of the anti-repression commemorations, across Greece and in other parts of the world, for the three years since the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos and the December ’08 uprising, a morning rally was held today, December 6th, 2011, in the northern suburb of Halandri, organized mainly by high school students. More than 150 […]

Syros island: Demonstration and clashes against Papandreou and ministers

In the morning of March 21th in Syros island, a demonstration of students and residents took place at the central square of Ermoupolis against the presence of George Papandreou and several ministers, who visited the island to talk about “development”. The protesters shouted slogans against the merge of 2 local high schools, and government in […]

December 2nd, Athens: student demonstration against education reform

On Thursday 2nd of December, a student demonstration took place in central Athens. 2500 – 3000 students marched against the education reform and the wider plans of the state and the bosses and in solidarity with the British students.

There were clashes between students and riot police when students tried to break the police […]

Counter-information bulletin, October 2010


Against the European army, military equipment, nationalist parades and anniversaries

The state agreed to pay 550 million euros (!) to the “Greek” Dockyards for the construction of two additional submarines type 214. The prime minister, on the one hand slaughters pensions and wages and on the other pays well the Arab ship owners […]