Greece: Poster about FAI/IRF

Do not say that we are few
[A verse by Lee Kwang Su, from the statement by the]
Italian Informal Anarchist Federation

If the acts are the bullets that tear the flesh out of the capitalist world, then the theoretical foundations, thoughts and feelings are the rabid-firing weapons. Acts not accompanied by the meanings that inspired them are inconsistent moments devoid of the possibility of diffusion and appropriation, while thoughts and ideas not applied in practice result in dull discussions inside cafés and degenerate into another ideological sham.

On these foundations, rebellious groups and individuals communicated their attacks forming the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (FAI/IRF). The anti-authoritarian in-formalistic international network of insurgent groups and autonomous individualities that applies the direct action and sabotage against the State and the Capital but also the opposition of consciousness to every relation of Power, which is inculcated in all the way to the bottom of the social pyramid and translated into petit-bourgeois competition and possessive envy. The FAI connects the attacks and destructions in Italy, UK, Russia, Belgium, Finland, Holland, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Indonesia and Greece, orchestrating the polyphony of nighttime explosions in view of the JOINT revolutionary aspirations and the JOINT struggle for freedom, thus creating an ocean of dialectics and communication in the ranks of the anarchists of the action.