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Black December Everywhere

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Lima, Peru: Anarchist collective MareaRebelde joins in the worldwide campaign of direct actions, from the 2nd to the 12th of February 2013

From Lima, we join in the international solidarity campaign, even though we believe in it on a daily basis. So, we prepare an informative activity on squats and liberated spaces that resist the authority’s blows in Greece and the world. As some compas in the South have pointed out, ‘the most […]

La Paz, Bolivia: Communiqué by Henry Zegarrundo, who is being held in pretrial detention in San Pedro prison

Terror seeks to impose itself through prosecution, repression and incarceration for those of us who break through its ideology of fear, an ideology reinforced by the ‘communication’ media, an ideology reinforced by those who slavishly accept it whether they disagree or not.

Power seeks the SOCIAL DEATH through incarceration, seeks to diminish an individual through the […]

Greece: Poster about FAI/IRF

‘Do not say that we are few’ [A verse by Lee Kwang Su, from the statement by the] Italian Informal Anarchist Federation

If the acts are the bullets that tear the flesh out of the capitalist world, then the theoretical foundations, thoughts and feelings are the rabid-firing weapons. Acts not accompanied by […]

Peru: Solidarity action with the comrades of CCF (Greece), also dedicated to Mauri (Chile)

as long as the sun of anarchy don’t shine, our action will be destruction

fire to prisons’ society

freedom to prisoners

political prisoners of war to the streets

fear shall not destroy solidarity–solidarity shall destroy confinement

to convert pain into rage, and rage […]

Peru: Police kills at least six protesters during a demonstration in Juliaca city

On June 24th, 2011, the Peruanian police killed at least six protesters and injured more than 30 people during a demonstration against the Ramis River’s contamination from the region’s mines in Juliaca, southern Peru.

At about 11 am, residents blockaded the road leading to the city’s airport and tried to break its perimeter. Fully armed repressive […]