Thessaloniki: Solidarity medical practice will operate in a few days

The harsh austerity measures applied by the Greek government and the Troika (EC/ECB/IMF) are promoting the total collapse of the welfare system, with massive cuts and dismissals in the health care sector, with growing poverty, unemployment and social exclusion. Responding to these developments which affect the lives of thousands, an initiative of volunteers set up one structure of resistance in Thessaloniki.

On November 7th, 2011 the ‘Social Dispensary of Solidarity’ will open its doors on the first floor of the building in 24, Asopou Street (in the district of Vardari). This space was granted by the Labour Centre of Thessaloniki to the initiative of health care workers.

The medical practice will be open daily — on working days — providing free services to citizens (Greeks/locals and foreigners/immigrants) who don’t have social security, operating a regular general medical practice, as well as neurological, pediatric, psychiatric, dental practices and pharmacy. To make an appointment, call +30 2310 520386 in the morning hours.

You may contribute your experience and financial aid to this project, but also support it with equipment, medical consumables and drugs (offered prior to expiration dates). There’s no other way; all that we can do is help one another.


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