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Serbia: Fifth Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival (ZAF)

The 5th ZAF will be held on the 5th and 6th of October 2012 in the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin.

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Athens: Saturday’s gratuitous bazaar, organized by the Assembly of residents from Vyronas, Kaisariani, Pangrati

Video from the “Saturday’s gratuitous bazaar”, based on exchange and re-use, that took place on June 9th at the central gate of Alsos Pangratiou in Athens

Upcoming open-air bazaars in the neighbourhoods of Vyronas, Kaisariani and Pangrati: Saturday, July 14th, at Tsirakopoulou square in Vyronas by 19.30 (GMT+2) Saturday, September 8th, at Varnava square […]

São Paulo, Brazil: Solidarity network of prisoners’ families and friends

Don’t be silent: Outskirts against incarceration

In the first two months of this year (2012) the prison population increased by over 5,000 people only in the state of São Paulo. And if there are half a dozen rich among the prison inmates, it’s too much already, because everyone knows that such ‘justice’ is not blind […]

Athens: Social space for health operates in Ano Petralona

Since Tuesday, October 11th, the social space for health operates in PIKPA squat, located in Timodimou and Antoniadou streets (‘Petrina’), in the neighbourhood of Ano Petralona —not far from Petralona metro stop.

The exclusion of more and more people from an already dismantled health care system led the local popular assembly in the decision to […]

Thessaloniki: Solidarity medical practice will operate in a few days

The harsh austerity measures applied by the Greek government and the Troika (EC/ECB/IMF) are promoting the total collapse of the welfare system, with massive cuts and dismissals in the health care sector, with growing poverty, unemployment and social exclusion. Responding to these developments which affect the lives of thousands, an initiative of volunteers set up […]