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Chile: Communiqué from anarchist Juan Aliste Vega – Latest medical reports and revolutionary solidarity

Juan Aliste Vega’s message from the Prison Hospital Our negotiations and tenacity inside and outside prison over the past four months have achieved a first result: on Thursday 19th July I was transferred from the High Security Prison to the Prison Hospital to have an ECG and other tests I needed. The following morning, Friday […]

Athens: Self-presentation video of the Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure, inside the squatted social centre VOX


Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure (ADYE) —psychologist, general practitioner/radiologist, special tutor–child psychologist, gynecologist, speech therapist

The Exarchia Self-organized Health Structure is an undertaking created through a general assembly of residents, social projects and collectives that live and act in the district of Exarchia.

It’s addressed to the local community of Exarchia, doctors, psychologists, nurses, pharmacists, but also to […]

Exarchia, Athens: Fundraising kit for medical expenses of the demonstrator who suffered severe eye injury on September 18, 2013

Inside the squatted social centre VOX, which is situated on the corner of Arachovis and Themistocleous streets at Exarchia Square, there is now a fundraising kit for the comrade who was shot by a cop with tear gas canister straight in his eye, during the evening march in response to the murder of […]

Athens: The Social Health Space in PIKPA squat (May 2012)

Click image to read about the ongoing process of self-organization in Health through the project ‘Social Health Space’ of the neighbourhood assembly in Petralona, Thissio and Koukaki.

Greece: Immediate lifting of the ban against Stella Antoniou which prevents her from leaving the country

Our comrade and member of the squatted social centre VOX, anarchist Stella Antoniou, who is accused of alleged participation in an armed organization and currently stands trial, is facing a serious health problem for which there is no specialized hospital in Greece. In April 2013, she has scheduled an appointment at a hospital in Switzerland […]

Athens: Update regarding 23-years-old anarchist Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, one of the four comrades arrested on 1.2.2013, accused in bank robbery case

‘Robbers are the States and the bosses; criminals are the cops and judges; villains are you, the uninvolved citizens; all of you are murderers of freedom’ (painted slogan in the city of Veria, northern Greece)

After solidarians contacted the parents of Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, we want to inform you about the following:

All the arrestees […]

Athens: Party for the financial support of our comrade who is facing serious health conditions

The lazy are slaughtered, the world grows industrious./ The ugly are slaughtered, the world grows beautiful./ The fools are slaughtered, the world grows wise./ The sick are slaughtered, the world grows healthy./ The old are slaughtered, the world grows young./ The sad are slaughtered, the world grows cheerful./ The enemies are […]

Athens: Ten years of popular assemblies and self-organization of residents in the neighbourhoods of Petralona, Thissio and Koukaki

A few words on the projects of residents in the district:

The popular assembly of Petralona–Thissio–Koukaki stands as a collective activity since November 2002. After several interruptions throughout a journey of 10 years, in which we have dealt with various different matters, the assembly’s participants continue to meet, discuss, decide and act to date.

In these […]

Germany: First statement by a new squat in Cologne

On March 2nd, 2012, we squatted an abandoned building at Deutz-Mülheimer Street in Cologne, near the old industrial complex of the KHD group of companies, where we want to develop a collective; that is a group of people who wish to live and work together without leaders. The squat is a place for both working […]

Kilkis, Northern Greece: Message from a member of the workers’ general assembly, from the occupied city’s hospital

Hello all,

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

The occupation of our hospital in Kilkis by its workers started on Monday, February 20th, at 8:30 local time. This occupation is not only about us, the physicians and the workers at the Kilkis Hospital. Neither is it only about the Greek National Health […]

Thessaloniki: Communiqué by Orfanotrofio squat

This is a first text written by the squatters –urgent diffusion asked Ownership transition of Orfanotrofio squat, from the Ministry of Health to the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki (head of the Greek Orthodox Church in the city)

On January 31st a decision made by the Ministry of Health was posted on the governmental website (diavgeia […]

Greece: Second day of nationwide protest mobilization – The Treaty of Varkiza is broken; we are at war again

Today, February 12th (03.00 GMT+2), 67 years have been completed since the 1945 Treaty of Varkiza, where the Stalinist KKE (‘Communist Party of Greece’) betrayed armed struggle and thousands of fighters of the Civil War in exchange for its legality in the new regime. How much longer can the people take to the streets bare-handed […]

Kilkis, Northern Greece: Occupation and self-management of the city’s general hospital by the workers

According to a statement (4-2/2012) released by the workers’ general assembly in the General Hospital of Kilkis, the doctors, nurses and other staff declare that the long-lasting problems of the National Health System (ESY) in the country cannot be solved through limited claims of the health services sector. Thus, workers at the General Hospital respond […]

Athens: PA’s gathering for anarchist Stella Antoniou

On Monday, January 23rd, at 13.00 a counter-information gathering will take place in the courtyard of the Law School regarding the case of the comrade. Her application for release from prison, in order to receive the appropriate medical care, is still pending; the ruling is expected in upcoming days.

Ideas cannot be suppressed or incarcerated, and […]

Romania: Thousands in angry protests against social service cuts

In the last days, protests were held in various cities of Romania against the health bill that has been submitted by the government. Extensive privatization of the entire health sector will be enforced with this new law. By Sunday, January 15th, 2012, the social protests climaxed. In Bucharest it came up to street clashes that lasted […]

Greece: Communiqué of political prisoners who abstain from prison food in solidarity with anarchist Stella Antoniou

The last two years, the number of political prisoners in the prisons of the Greek State has increased rapidly, while dozens of activists of all tendencies have been arrested, accused either for participation in the revolutionary organizations that were active in the previous period, or for their general anti-systemic action.

One of those is Stella Antoniou, […]

Athens: Social space for health operates in Ano Petralona

Since Tuesday, October 11th, the social space for health operates in PIKPA squat, located in Timodimou and Antoniadou streets (‘Petrina’), in the neighbourhood of Ano Petralona —not far from Petralona metro stop.

The exclusion of more and more people from an already dismantled health care system led the local popular assembly in the decision to try, […]

Thessaloniki: Solidarity medical practice will operate in a few days

The harsh austerity measures applied by the Greek government and the Troika (EC/ECB/IMF) are promoting the total collapse of the welfare system, with massive cuts and dismissals in the health care sector, with growing poverty, unemployment and social exclusion. Responding to these developments which affect the lives of thousands, an initiative of volunteers set up […]

Greece: Mentally ill people are sent back to… loony bins! Workers gear up for anti-government protests.

‘When the patient is tied up, the psychiatrist is free to go. When the patient is released, the psychiatrist is at work’ —slogan on the wall of a former psychiatric hospital of Chania, on Crete Island

Since the bureaucrats of the Ministry for Health and Social Solidarity (!) worked so hard […]