Greek politicians can no longer move freely neither abroad

Interventions took place on February 21st in a speech of George Papandreou at Humbold University of Berlin. Two different groups of people from Germany and Greece managed to interrupt Prime Minister’s speech by verbally attacking against the Greek regime.

Another intervention took place on February 26th in Paris during an event of director Costa Gavras in the “Greek house”. Students from Greece and France who were there for intervention in solidarity with the struggle of the 300 migrants hunger strikers recognized  among the attendees the vice-president of Greek government Theodoros Pangalos that was forced to leave the hall.


Berlin, Germany

On February 21st, Papandreou had the effrontery willing to talk about the success of the policy of he and his government on economic policy. The title [1] was neoliberal – the crisis as an opportunity – really for whom? Despite the significant police presence of German and Greek cops, PASOK supporters, even a priest was there, half the room was full of enemies of Greek regime. Just have in mind that a total of 4 banners were attempted to open, leaflets were thrown and notices were distributed during the speech despite the instantaneous reactions of the so-called officials and the German police. Too many people shouting, swearing, complaining, and often succeeded to interrupt the event generally. Everyone was pushed out (some violently) while those who could not get in were shouting from outside. The visit of Papandreou was not even mentioned in the fine print of German newspapers. It is remarkable that no one agreed to discuss with the Prime Minister. Even some older  people were reviling him as a traitor. Those who were pushed out from the room – half of room attendees – apart from some who had identity authentication, were set free of charges.

Paris, France

The vice-president of the dictatorial Papandreou government attended in an event for the work of Costa Gavras, at the “Greek house” in Paris. Immediately, a small group of people who were there began reviling him, shouting slogans and demanding his  immediate withdrawal. Banners were unfolded in solidarity with the 300 hunger strikers and soon friends and comrades who live in Paris reached the place. Costa Gavras and the director of Greek house tried to defuse the situation while they were supporting Pangalos. Pangalos tried to deflect the protest in a talk show for the day after. The protesters insisted on demanding his withdrawal, which eventually came a little later. He left the room with his lower lip trembling, his face totally red saying: ”How low is the level of these people!”. We should notice here that Costa Gavras left the room along with Pangalos while the latter asked for the event cancellation and he was heard by the organizers-minions, despite public’s opposition.

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[1] Addressing the Financial Crisis. An Opportunity for Europe.

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