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Greece: First day of nationwide protest mobilization – In order to liberate ourselves from debt, we must destroy the existent


23.58 In Athens, the squatters of the Law School defy factually any concept of institutional grant of university asylum, and call out for the expansion of similar resistance centres across Greece. Although we experienced a brutal siege and eviction only one year ago, with […]

Hunger strike: Victory yes, but never trust the Greek authorities

The vindication of the 300 migrants hunger strikers is a hope for the whole society. Solidarity Initiative to the 300 notice

This was good news, but let us not trust the Greek authorities…

On March 10th, the Minister of Public Order stated that the government never agreed in a reduction of the time to give […]

The hunger strike of the 300 immigrants-workers ended in victory

occupied london

Berlin: Protest actions in solidarity with the 300 hunger strikers in Greece

At noon of March 8th, we – activists of the Solidarity Initiative Berlin – have performed a protest action at the Greek Embassy in Berlin. Our target was to express our dismay about the criminal position of the Greek government towards the 300 migrants whose hunger strike is lasting now for 43 days. The hunger […]

The Greek government threatened the hunger strikers in Athens with violent evacuation of the building where their struggle takes place

Mr. Theodoros Pangalos

Athens, 7th of March: Ministry of Health’s announcement demanded the transfer of the hunger strikers from the building of Hypatia (Ipirou Str & Patission Ave). According to this announcement: “All limits of tolerance and understanding as it concerns the health issues raised practically by the struggle of the immigrants have been […]


10th of March: Worldwide solidarity action day with the 300 hunger strikers immigrants-workers in Greece

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Latest Greece travel advises:

You might have heard that Greece is a beautiful country to visit with delicious food and people with great hospitality. Be careful: this is not […]

Announcement of the hunger strikers to society (4/3)

Announcement-response to the government’s proposal, after the meeting (of the immigrants-workers hunger strikers) with the ministers:

1. We hunger strikers, from the places of our strike in Athens and Thessaloniki and from hospitals, unanimously reject the government’s proposal for a regime of tolerance, because it does not respond to our claim for legalization with freedom […]

Critical moments for the 300 hunger strikers. Demo on March 4th

Critical moments for the 300 migrants hunger strikers in Athens and Thessaloniki on their 38th day of hunger strike. 100 of them are already hospitalized while the government waits for the first deaths. Tomorrow a demonstration is called by people in solidarity in Athens while many solidarity actions, state building occupations, TV and radio stations […]

7 of the migrants hunger strikers are on thirst strike since yesterday

“After 30 days of hunger strike the government doesn’t listen to us. We (7 hunger strikers) are on thirst strike till death since yesterday. The responsibility for our death is on Prime Minister“

Greek politicians can no longer move freely neither abroad

Interventions took place on February 21st in a speech of George Papandreou at Humbold University of Berlin. Two different groups of people from Germany and Greece managed to interrupt Prime Minister’s speech by verbally attacking against the Greek regime.

Another intervention took place on February 26th in Paris during an event of director Costa Gavras […]

Solidarity demonstration with the 300 migrant hunger strikers as they enter the 25th day of their strike

What is undoubtedly one of the most important social struggles in Greece in recent times is fully underway: the migrant hunger strikers in Athens and Thessaloniki are entering the 25th day of their strike today. Already yesterday, in Athens alone, three of them were taken to hospital with serious health problems – where they nevertheless […]

Gathered links about the 300 migrant hunger strikers



Call for a Common Day of Action – February 11, 2011

European Week of Solidarity with the hunger strike

Announcement to the society

INFO & SUPPORT Athens solidarity initiative: Thessaloniki solidarity initiative: You can send letters of […]

January 27th: The Greek state wants to exterminate the hunger strikers

On the evening of 26/1, the Rectorate Authorities of the university with 4 NGOs (non-governmental organizations) held a meeting for the removal of the immigrants on hunger strike from the university asylum of the Law School of Athens.

In Greece, in order for the university asylum to be violated, it has to be […]

Riot police encircle the Law School in Athens in apparent preparation for a raid as migrant hunger strikers vow to stay

At this moment (17.45 GMT+2) heavy riot police forces have encircled the Law School building in Athens, immediately after the decision by the 300 migrants in hunger strike to stay in the building. The migrants’ assembly decided they would stay despite the demand by university authorities and the government that they move out. The assembly […]

No one’s life is illegal! Practical solidarity with the struggle of the 300 immigrants-workers

In the centre of Athens, inside the building of the Law School (in Solonos Street), the hunger strike of 250 immigrants-workers has begun from Monday, 25 January 2011. Similarly, 50 immigrants-workers hunger strikers inside the Labor Centre of Thessaloniki claim the obvious: unconditional legalization for all immigrants who live and work in Greece.

Since […]

Nationwide mass hunger strike of immigrants. The Greek State threatens to violate the academic asylum!

On Sunday, 23 January, 300 immigrant workers arrived at the port of Piraeus from Crete island (more photos | videos) to begin a nationwide hunger strike. On the same day 50 of the 300 immigrants arrived at the Labor Centre of Thessaloniki in order to participate in this hunger strike.

They claim the legalization […]

2 videos, immigrants working in Crete arrive in Athens to join the nationwide hunger strike

On Sunday, 23 January, 250 immigrant workers arrived at the port of Piraeus from Crete island to begin a nationwide hunger strike. On the same day 50 of the 300 immigrants arrived at the Labor Centre of Thessaloniki in order to participate in this hunger strike.

Nationwide hunger strike of 300 immigrants, on 25 January

We are immigrants and refugees from across Greece. We came here persecuted by poverty, unemployment, wars, and dictatorships. Western multinational companies and their political servants in our countries, left us with no choice but to risk our lives ten times to get to the door of Europe. The West which robs us of our home […]