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Athens: Protest outside the house of the deputy prime minister, in solidarity with Nikos Romanos

On Monday evening, December 1st, at about 18:00, a group of comrades held an intervention outside the house of the Greek government vice president and minister of Foreign Affairs Evangelos Venizelos, located on the southern slopes of Lycabettus hill in downtown Athens. Venizelos is also leader of the PASOK co-ruling party.

A banner was […]

Turkey: Anti-government protest on February 25th, 2014 in Kadıköy, İstanbul

The demo started at 7pm. Thousands of people gathered around the bull sculpture in Kadıköy. Demonstrators blocked the road for a few hours. At one side of the road were two TOMAs (antiriot control vehicle), and cops at the other side; a huge banner reading ‘hükümet istifa’ (government resign) was unfolded. More protesters were […]


… BEGINNING OF MESSAGE… 18-12-2013… STOP… 32, Square Ambiorix, in Brussels… STOP… arson on BMW of Georgios Papastamkos… STOP… Vice-President of the European Parliament… STOP… member of Nea Dimokratia party, Greece… STOP… solidarity with anarchists kidnapped by the State… END OF MESSAGE…

Frankfurt: Solidarity action for “Lampedusa in Hamburg”

Solidarity with refugees

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday 17.10.2013 we attacked an office of the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) in the Nordend district of Frankfrut, and destroyed its windows and doors.

Party functionaries like the SPD mayor Olaf Scholz are responsible for the policy against refugees in Hamburg, a […]

Rio de Janeiro: Footage from clashes in Leblon

On the night of July 17th, in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro, thousands staged a protest across the street where the state governor Sérgio Cabral Filho lives in luxury. Riots and arrests followed in Leblon, the most affluent district in the city.

Greece: Being a member of the parliament and an anarchist is not ever possible

Alexis Tsipras, the head of Syriza parliamentary group, working closely with the Greek army high command (pre-election period, May 2012)

Below is a communiqué that was published in early February 2013 by the Assembly for the Antispeciesist Action in response to statements by an MP of the main opposition party Syriza (so-called ‘Coalition of […]

Berlin: Incendiary attack against the Deutsche Bahn in solidarity with anarchist prisoners in Greece

The DB burns as a solidarity token for imprisoned anarchists in Greece!

In the early hours of February 27th, in search of a suitable target for a solidarity action with Nikos Romanos, Dimitris Politis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Yannis Michailidis, we spotted a vehicle belonging to the Deutsche Bahn in the neighbourhood of Prenzlauer […]

Greece: Direct attack on Karolos Papoulias’ residence in downtown Athens

Late on Saturday evening, February 4th, a group of hooded comrades carried out a direct action outside the house of the President of Greece, in Asklipiou Street, throwing sticks and stones on his residence. They were chased in Zoodochou Street, Exarchia, by motorcycle police units who fired flash-bang grenades. All comrades fled running.

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Syros island: Demonstration and clashes against Papandreou and ministers

In the morning of March 21th in Syros island, a demonstration of students and residents took place at the central square of Ermoupolis against the presence of George Papandreou and several ministers, who visited the island to talk about “development”. The protesters shouted slogans against the merge of 2 local high schools, and government […]

Greek politicians can no longer move freely neither abroad

Interventions took place on February 21st in a speech of George Papandreou at Humbold University of Berlin. Two different groups of people from Germany and Greece managed to interrupt Prime Minister’s speech by verbally attacking against the Greek regime.

Another intervention took place on February 26th in Paris during an event of director Costa Gavras […]