Feb. 24 10 a.m. Calling to a solidarity protest outside the Athens Central Court House (Evelpidon) against the arrests of protesters

The strike of Feb 23rd and march was another manifestation of the massive opposition and rage against anti-social and anti-labor attack of government and bosses. The mobilization of tens of thousands of people in downtown Athens and the willingness to take their struggle to the streets caused the brutal suppression of the demonstration. The massive use of tear gas and nerve agents and the constant attacks on block demonstrators, beatings, arrests, and detentions, had as a goal to prevent the consistent presence of the demonstration in Syntagma (Constitution) Square, in front of parliament, and the dispersion of the crowd of demonstrators.

The Assembly of Resistance and Solidarity of Kypseli & Patission who participated as a structured block at the strike demonstration (as they also did on 15th of December) received without provocation, like many other strike blocks, the vicious attacks of the forces of repression, while reaching Syntagma (Constitution) Square. As a result to the attack was the temporary dispersion of the block and the violent repression of demonstrators and comrades of the Assembly to Ermou and Nikis streets. At this point motorcycle police force Delta and Dias attacked and captured one of our comrades L.S. pulling her violently towards the entrance of the Ministry of Finance. There they tried to take her backpack, which had the leaflets of the Assembly, and put in a Molotov cocktail, which was avoided due to her intense reaction and direct protest of other bystanders.

After the transfer of the comrade to police headquarters, the police presented a new scenario under which they accused her of attacking police officers with planks and wearing a hood . The charges are absolutely false and fabricated, as the comrade throughout the course of the march was holding the banner of the Assembly, and at the moment of her arrest she was among many protesters who had themselves being attacked by police who had their faces covered!

The brutal suppression of the total strike and demonstration and the fabricated and pre-organized strikes against activists are designed to intimidate and terrorize all those who resist on the streets but also to project an example to the whole of society. Terrorism will not succeed!

No repressive attack will go unanswered

Immediate release of all detainees of the demonstration on Feb. 23rd 2011

Solidarity is our weapon!




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