Chania, Crete: Racist attack with rifles against migrants

On Monday 15th of November, two Palestinian migrants were victims of a racist attack at Kissamos of Chania. The migrants were at the Kasteli beach, when a group of four fascists appeared and attacked them with rifles. Without any particular reason the migrants were beaten hard and left on the ground bleeding. After the beating had ended the fascists were yelling to the migrants to go back to their own country.

The two wounded men managed to crawl until a store near by and ask for help. The police arrived and the migrants were transported to the health center of Kasteli for medical treatment of their heavy wounds. One of them had a broken arm and leg while the other one needed 24 stitches on his head. We have to point out that this accident is part of the uprising violent action on behalf the fascist bastards against migrants, youngsters and social spaces. Here are some links of the recent attacks.

Igoumenitsa (western Greece): Murderous attack against migrants

Thessaloniki: “Radio revolt” anarchist radio station burnt down by fascists

Double fascist attack in Rethymno and Larissa on Sunday 24th of Οctober

It is now more than obvious that the doctrine of political isolation of the fascists and the condemn of these attacks with anouncements, as promoted by the left in Greece, is not only insufficient to prevent these attacks, but also dangerous since it ends up to be a stance of tolerance. The fight against fascism demands, now more than ever in the post-dictatorship era in Greece, the physical confrontation with the neo-Nazi gangs and the crashing of them in daylight.