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Chania, Crete: Banner in solidarity with the hunger striker Osman Evcan, vegan anarchist imprisoned in Turkey

The banner reads: Solidarity with anarchist Osman Evcan (A) Vegan hunger striker in Turkish F-type prison cells

On November 23rd 2015, we hung a banner in solidarity with Osman Evcan, who is on hunger strike in Turkish F-type prison cells. This summer Osman, a vegan anarchist held in a maximum security prison, put up a multiday […]

Crete, Greece: Giant banners at the old port of Chania

On Sunday morning, April 5th, as a sign of solidarity to the struggle of the hunger strikers in Greek prisons, we hung two giant banners in English at the old port of Chania.


more photos: athens imc


Crete: Distribution of anarchic “ballots” in Chania

On Saturday, May 17th, in the city centre and various neighbourhoods of Chania, we threw anti-election leaflets in mailboxes, signed with the circle-A, inside folders identical to those of the paper ballots. We also filled with fliers the entire building where the Golden Dawn’s local office is housed (as always the Nazis were nowhere to […]

Chania, Crete: Preparations towards a demo in solidarity with squats

‘SOLIDARITY WITH VILLA AMALIAS SQUAT’ (banner placed at Rosa Nera squat in December 2012)

On January 12th, after a PA’s gathering which was held in the city of Chania in solidarity with squats and self-organized centres across Greece, comrades took the time to discuss and decided to organize a solidarity demonstration on Tuesday, […]

Greece: Greetings from occupied Crete

This is the 8th day of the occupation of the building of prefectural administration in Chania, Crete. We just translated our main communiqué in English and we send it to you, to inform and spread the message of the occupations worldwide. There is also a French translation available here. We also have a blog and […]

Chania, Crete island: Banner drop in solidarity with Skaramaga squat

The banner drop in the old port at Chania was an act of solidarity from the squat Rosa Nera. The banner reads:SOLIDARITY WITH SKARAMAGA SQUATDOWN YOUR HANDS FROM THE SQUATS

Occupations of the prefecture’s premises in Chania (Crete) and the Town Hall in Serres (northern Greece)

Update, June 17th: Both occupations have ended after assemblies’ decisions. A demo in solidarity with the arrested protesters of June 15th and against State violence was called for June 17th, at 20.00 in Eleftherias square in Serres.

On June 15th, the popular assembly of Agora square in Chania has decided to continue the occupation of the […]

Chania, Crete: Racist attack with rifles against migrants

On Monday 15th of November, two Palestinian migrants were victims of a racist attack at Kissamos of Chania. The migrants were at the Kasteli beach, when a group of four fascists appeared and attacked them with rifles. Without any particular reason the migrants were beaten hard and left on the ground bleeding. After the beating […]