Igoumenitsa (western Greece): Murderous attack against migrants

On the 10th of November Kurdish migrants  secretly entered into a truck,in their attempt to pass to Italy through the port of Igoumenitsa. The driver of the truck moved towards the small city of Paramythia and not towards Italy. When the migrants realized that they were not heading towards the right direction, they got off the truck when it pulled over at the AVIN gas station, which is located on the Egnatia highway 17, 40 miles away from Igoumenitsa.

After getting off, they entered  another truck that was parked at the same gas station. The truck’s driver drove  his vehicle to the other side of the street at the CYCLON gas station. An employee of AVIN gas station that had seen the migrants entering the truck passed the street as well and informed the owner of the CYCLON gas station about their presence. When the migrants understood that they were being searched  for, got off the truck and started running towards the Egnatia highway.

One of the people that were hanging around the gas station said to the complaining driver that “he would take care” of this. He entered in a white van, approximated the migrants and shot them 3 times without injuring them. The migrants started running into the highway trying to escape, but the man came back after 10 minutes from the other direction and shot 6 more times before disappearing. This time two of the bullets hit one of the five Kurdish migrants.

The migrants made a  call  for an ambulance to come, but instead the police appeared that found one of them bleeding on the ground. The cops claimed that was not of their business to locate the gunman and left, after they had called the ambulance. The wounded migrant was carried to the hospital where he entered the surgery. As a result of the shooting he lost  one of his testicles and suffered a wound at his penis and his thigh. The doctor said that the man was almost about to die from bleeding.

The shooting had taken place with a pistol from a distance of 8-10 meters. The owner of the CYCLON gas station is a well known fascist and its gas station a nest of neo-Nazi bastards. This is his photo, taken from his facebook homepage. The particular photo was erased by him from his homepage one day after the event, on the 11th of November.

No tolerance for the fascist trash! Smash them!
Solidarity with the migrants!

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