Double fascist attack in Rethymno and Larissa on Sunday 24th of october

They don’t frighten us, they make us angry

On Sunday morning of the 24th of October, around 1 am, a fire erupted in the self-managed haunt in the University of Rethymno (Crete). All the indications point that it was an arson caused by neo-Nazi scams, as a pile of flammable materials was gathered in the middle of the space to facilitate the set up of the fire and fascist slogans were written on the wall. The University of Rethymno is under occupation by the students, against the meeting of the university rectors and the upcoming educational reform. Though the fascist tags do not indicate a specific neo-Nazi group, all the suspicions fall upon O.E.P. (Organization of Nationalists of Rethymno), since the latter has a long history of attacks against comrades, immigrants and youngsters and a strong presence (along with cover by the cops) in the city of Rethymno, every time that is needed by the authorities a reactionary response against the wider left/anarchist movement.

On Sunday night of 24/10/2010, in Larissa city, right before midnight, there was a fascist attack at a convenient store owned by immigrants. Four persons armed with blackjacks (riot sticks) and broken bottles attacked the two employees and stall their cell phones and also money from the cash register. The cashier injured in the head was transferred to the hospital, while one of the attackers was immobilized and handed to the police by the immigrants. 20 comrades arrived in the place of the attack, spoke with the immigrants and landed a spontaneous small scale demonstration at the police station where the neo-Nazi was held. A week before the attack, the outer lights of the shop were broken and slogans of racial hate were written on the front under the tag of “Xrysh Avgh” (Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi organization active in Greece). The arrested neo-Nazi is a minor of 17 years old.

There is no doubt that in this crucial historical moment of the ongoing social war in Greece, the neo-Nazis try to climax their action, influence a wider part of the Greek society and rise up as a competitive force in the fields of social struggle. Towards this threat, locals and immigrants, we organize ourselves by all means necessary and hunt them back to their filthy shitholes.

On Tuesday 26 of October an antifascist demonstration took place in the city of Rethymno. Around 250 people participated marching through the center of the city and protesting against the neo-Nazi attack.