Chile: November of Vengeance

On the morning of November 19, 2015, Kevin, 18 years old, in complicity with the night, rode his bicycle to the perimeter of the Gendarmerie School of San Bernardo, armed with a bomb, a lighter and a blade. After the detonation, the police bastard who came after his steps after a long investigation, captures him a few meters from the place, and simultaneously the comrade Joaquín García is kidnapped at his home, both being held captive in the disgusting High Security Jail(CAS), specifically in the section of maximum security (MAS).

Both are accused of the explosive attack on the 12th San Miguel police station on October 29, a bomb composed of a 6 kilogram extinguisher filled with more than 3 kilos of black powder, about 100 4-inch nails and 50 1-inch nails inside to work as shrapnel, a 1-liter bottle of sulfuric acid and two 1-liter bottle with gasoline, all this activated by a remote control, consisting of a cell phone connected to a 2.5 volt light bulb modified as a detonator , claimed by the “ Gerasimos Tsakalos Deflagrant Cell – International Conspiracy for Vengeance ”, Kevin is also accused of the explosive attack against the Gendarmerie School and an explosive attack on the Chilectra electricity company, on October 16, claimed by the ”Karrkarri Cell”, these last two attacks linked only to Kevin.

After 7 months in captivity, Kevin request to be transferred to the jail/slaughterhouse Santiago 1. On June 15, 2018, the inquisitor trial towards the comrades begins, declaring them guilty on August 15, to Joaquin for carrying a gun and ammunition, those he carried at the time will be captured while He was a fugitive for break a measure of total house arrest, also the attack on the 12th San Miguel police station, together with Kevin, who also He was declared guilty of the explosive attack on the School of Gendarmeria of El Bosque-San Bernardo. On September 5, 2018; they are sentenced to a total of 13 years in jail for Joaquin and 17 years for Kevin.

On November 2, when he goes down to the jail yard Kevin is involved in a fight with another prisoner, who seemed to be one of the many daily conflicts that are lived in that place, being wounded in a lethal way, without receiving timely medical assistance, is transferred dead from Santiago 1, an hour and fiveteen minutes later to the Barros Luco external hospital.

” I know what I was facing, from the moment I consciously decided to live my life in constant action and not vague wordiness, and I don’t regret anything ”

A year after his murder, an international call to action is made in vengeance for Kevin’s murder while he was held captive in the jail/slaughterhouse Santiago 1. The call extends to realize multiform vengeance actions, betting on the chaotic praxis of violence throughout November. Leaving aside the utilitarian distortions that have arisen around Kevin, which contradict his words and actions.

” That solidarity is not just a groped word, that the solidarity be an wrathful action that gives injections of strength and energy to the heart of each sister in captivity ”

Vengeance for Kevin, complicity with Joaquin

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