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Exarchia: Banners in solidarity with CSO Kike Mur, G20 rioters, and Lisa

On the morning of Tuesday, July 11th 2017, Themistokleous 58 squatters, together with comrades in affinity, hung internationalist solidarity banners in Exarchia about three different cases.

We have the keys to all doors… Solidarity with KIKE MUR squat in Zaragoza, Spain

From a balcony of the 58 we hung a banner […]

Zaragoza, Spain: Solidarity with the fighters of Hambach forest

From Zaragoza we want to show our support to the comrades recently arrested in Hambach forest (Germany) for the struggle that is happening to save the forests, against an open-pit mine.

More specifically, we send warm greetings to the two comrades from the Spanish State who are incarcerated in Cologne’s prison (Germany), accused of possessing explosives […]

Spain: Solidarity attacks against cash machines for prisoners in struggle

Navarre — ATM sabotaged in Altsasu

We support the struggle of prisoners on hunger strike, José Antúnez Becerra, Xavier Corporales Berruecos and Javi Guerrero.

This is why on February 8th we sabotaged the ATM of Santander bank in Altsasu (Navarre), Basque Country, to be linked with the exploitation of prisoners in the Spanish state. There is no […]

Spain: 3rd Zaragoza Anarchist Bookfair

The 3rd Zaragoza Anarchist Bookfair will be held between October 31st and November 2nd, 2014. The events will take place at the anarchist social centre La Revuelta, on San Agustín Street in the neighbourhood of Magdalena, and the squatted social centre Kike Mur, located in the old building of the Torrero prison, in the city […]

Zaragoza, Spain: Mural in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar


In the context of the week in solidarity with the 5 arrestees in Barcelona, we painted a mural to make our support and solidarity with comrades Mónica and Francisco visible, as well as with the other comrades who were detained. Needless to say we won’t enter the game […]

Zaragoza, Spanish State: Responsibility claim for explosive attack at El Pilar cathedral

Besides, I have the right to leave the theatre when the comedy becomes odious to me and even to slam the door while leaving, at the risk of disturbing the tranquility of those who are satisfied with it. Émile Henry

Authority, a basic principle of the society, exercises its dominion through various different institutions; […]

Zaragoza, Spain: Solidarity banner with the struggle in Greece from the assembly of Kike Mur squatted social centre

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in Spanish, also here

Zaragoza, Northeastern Spain: Calls in solidarity with “The roof 11”

Next September 12th, the trial against the comrades known as “The roof 11” will take place in Zaragoza. These 11 people, on the day of the eviction of the CSO (Squatted Social Center) Kike Mur, went up to the roof and resisted there until police came up there to take them down; whilst […]

Spain: Solidarity with Greece

In Barcelona on February 3rd, at 22.40, several CCTV cameras were smashed throughout the metropolitan area as a solidarity gesture to the call in Athens for the next day against the ‘state of emergency’ imposed in Greece. On February 6th, at 20.30, a group of 10 comrades burned five street trash bins and made some […]