Spain: Solidarity with Greece

In Barcelona on February 3rd, at 22.40, several CCTV cameras were smashed throughout the metropolitan area as a solidarity gesture to the call in Athens for the next day against the ‘state of emergency’ imposed in Greece. On February 6th, at 20.30, a group of 10 comrades burned five street trash bins and made some graffiti (‘No control’, ‘Prisoners to the streets’, ‘Love freedom; attack the State’) in the context of the week of decentralized actions called in solidarity with comrades inmates who are mobilizing against torture and abuse in prisons throughout Spain via fasts, sit-ins and other acts of disobedience. Nihilist anarchists claimed responsibility for both direct actions, stating: ‘We have seen in Chile, the banlieues, in our beautiful and rebellious Exarchia, in Charleroi, Heraklion or Barcelona that the revolt is possible.’

In Madrid, several hundred people gathered on Monday night, February 13th, outside the embassy of Greece to protest against police violence, in solidarity with the Greek people, of which the European Union demands huge sacrifices. They were monitored by numerous national police agents. Also, cops asked for many protesters’ IDs. The attendants chanted slogans similar to those of the 15-M movement, as well as ‘It only takes a strike as in Greece’, ‘Mariano [Rajoy —Prime Minister of Spain], listen up, people are not for sale’ and ‘Solidarity with the Greek people’. There was also a banner in Greek: ‘Murderers’.

In the city of Zaragoza, a spontaneous call spread through ‘social networks’ in the afternoon of February 14th; at the last minute, more than a hundred people marched in the city centre in solidarity with the people in Greece, protesting against the scam called crisis. The banners in the photos read: ‘All with the Greek insurrection; to extend the clash’ and ‘Solidarity with the arrestees in Greece’. Cops of the national and local police followed the march without intervening. A young protester doing graffiti was withheld by cops, but released after a few minutes. The protest ended at the university campus with the reading of a statement bearing information about what happened on Sunday night in Greece and other issues gagged by the mass media.

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