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Malmö, Sweden: Anarchist Bookfair

Between the 16 and 17 of june, the Anarchist bookfair will take place in Malmö, Sweden.

The first aim is presentation of books and publications inside the anarchist spectrum, also holding talks, discussions and workshops.

We see the need of learning from different experiences, sharing ideas and ongoing struggles. Spreading those theories and practices […]

Malmö: Action against the Swedish border control and Fortress Europe

Received April 9th, 3:30pm: This very moment activists from Southern Sweden onboard on a train from Copenhagen’s airport Kastrup bound to Sweden, Malmö refuse to show ID cards during border checks initiated by Sweden in November 2015 to prevent refugees from reaching its territory. This is an action against Fortress Europe and in solidarity with […]

Sweden, 5 to 12 August: Förvilda-camp in Umeå

What we want is quite simple. We want the concrete to crack up into an ocean of medicinal herbs, to let the clear cuts grow wild and away from the ”sustainable” forest industry, that the psyches of the civilized people, their emotions, realities and everyday life are liberated from the chains of civilized culture, that […]

Malmö, Sweden: Banner drop in solidarity with longterm anarchist prisoners

In the context of the international day of action with longterm anarchist prisoners, a banner was drop in the city of Malmö, Sweden. With this small symbolical action we would like to send a revolutionary hug to Marius Mason, Eric McDavid and to all comrades incarcerated worldwide.

-some anarchists


Sweden: Actions against the state and the capital in Stockholm

During the 15th week of 2015, between 10th and 12th of April, cars belonging to the Nokas security company were burned in the district of Midsommarkransen, and the entrance door to the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) on the island-borough of Södermalm was smashed.

Nokas was attacked as a symbol of the administration […]

Stockholm: Concerning the Rågsved riots

(smashed windows of cop station)

Saturday the 6th of December 2014, a group of individuals attacked the existing order. In Rågsved and Hagsätra, in the south of Stockholm, the dogs of the State were attacked with molotovs, stones and firecrackers. Following this event, the local cop station got smashed and several cars were […]

Malmö, Sweden: The flame still burns – Solidarity with all the fighting prisoners

In the first hours of 13th of December a solidarity banner with prisoners in struggle was put in Folkets Park (People’s Park) in the city of Malmö, Sweden.

Fire to all prisons.

Total Liberation!

– some anarchist

Sweden: A comment on the recent riots in Rinkeby, Stockholm

(picture from last year’s riots in the same suburb)

Hidden underneath the media spectacle around the 2013 early summer riots in the suburbs of Stockholm (Husby being the epicentre) lies the constant social tension in segregated areas of Sweden (see Social tension and anarchist intervention in Sweden, in Avalanche #2, p.23).

Rinkeby, a suburb […]

Sweden: Comrades in Skövde sentenced

On Monday the 7th of April 2014, our comrades in Skövde (Sweden) were sentenced.

The comrade who’s still kept in captivity was sentenced to 2 years and six months in prison.

One of those who were released last week was sentenced to 1 year in prison.

The other one, with the more talkative approach in court who was […]

Sweden: Repression against comrades in Skövde

Late the 14th and early the 15th of October 2013, five comrades were arrested and imprisoned in Skövde, Sweden, suspected for over twenty different attacks on fur farmers and the fur industry, as well as liberations of minks. Three of the comrades were later considered to be main suspects and the two others were released, […]

Solidarity with the rebels in Stockholm

“We don’t want a slice of cake; we want the whole bakery…burned down.” Solidarity with the rebels in Stockholm!

For five nights people in and around Stockholm have taken to the streets to militantly express their dissatisfaction with the injustices of the system, and the society that results from them. After years of […]

Gothenburg, Sweden: Mayday banner for counter-information media that are still under repression in Greece

‘Hands off Indymedia Athens – Combat censorship,’ banner in Kungsparken, Gothenburg

At noon on May 1st, this banner was raised at a central location in the city: it was the least we could do as solidarity action for Indymedia Athens, 98FM and ‘Entasi FM’.


Gothenburg, Sweden: Syndikalistiskt Forum presents a talk on activities and groups in Greece, outside of the major cities

We will have two comrades from Heraklion and Ioannina coming to speak about antifascism, publishing and collectives. We will hear about:

1. Antifascism. The speakers will give an update on events and incidents of the last year and will discuss the actions, strategy and targets of the antifascist movement in Crete, focusing on praxis and self-organisation.

2. […]

Gothenburg, Sweden: “International solidarity is our only weapon”

“Stop the tortures against political prisoners – Crush fascism – Solidarity with comrades in Greece”

The morning of the 28th of March, in the central part of the city of Gothenburg, a banner was posted at the entrance of a building where, among others, the Greek consulate of Sweden is located, as an […]

Stockholm: Anarchist Bookfair Sweden – Transnational No Border Camp 2012

16 June & 17-24 June 2012

Stockholm, Sweden: “We are the 94%” – Antifascist demonstration

Swedish original:

On the night between December 8th-9th, 2000, a 17-year-old Swedish extreme-rightist got killed in the area Salem in Stockholm, Sweden.

His death became a unifying force for the Swedish “white power”-movement, and in December the following year the fascists held their first Salem March, to honour the boy and to protest against the “hostility […]