Sweden, 5 to 12 August: Förvilda-camp in Umeå

What we want is quite simple. We want the concrete to crack up into an ocean of medicinal herbs, to let the clear cuts grow wild and away from the ”sustainable” forest industry, that the psyches of the civilized people, their emotions, realities and everyday life are liberated from the chains of civilized culture, that the oceans are filled with life and not plastics, that our wild friends are let out of their cages, to destroy the scientific objectification which justifies everything from rapes to vivisection, that hierarchies are overthrown, that the air is liberated from its bad breath and so much more.

The challenge is to get there.

Förvilda, meaning ”Rewild” in Swedish, is just a name on what you see every day in the corner of your eye, in the cracked asphalt, in the empty lots, outside your window, in the peepholes of the balaclava or the liberated animals first steps outside the cage,

The Earth is angry and those who feel the Earth feel the same anger. Feel it you too!


The location is, as stated on the Swedish poster, “some empty house”. For more info, visit kolonierna.se/forvilda or email forvilda@riseup.net.