Solidarity with the rebels in Stockholm

“We don’t want a slice of cake;
we want the whole bakery…burned down.”

Solidarity with the rebels in Stockholm!

For five nights people in and around Stockholm have taken to the streets to militantly express their dissatisfaction with the injustices of the system, and the society that results from them. After years of bullying from the police, schools, kindergartens, and other state institutions, the murder of an elderly man by the police in the suburb of Husby was the final straw.

Night after night, angry people return to the streets and rebel against everything that oppresses and annihilates them and their lives. Thus, during the last 5 nights, in and around Stockholm, 4 police stations, kindergartens, and schools have been attacked with stones or with fire. About 100 cars have been torched, and cops have been pelted with stones.

To us, this is not desperate, mindless rioting. To us they are targeted attacks on diverse forms of authority! The authority that, from childhood on, forces people in to any kind of productivity, from kindergarten through school. From physical appearance, to housing, and to work. The authority that tries to squeeze any rebellious thoughts into the costumes of conformity. However, in the end, this shitty system just doesn’t have enough place for everyone, no matter how well the costume fits. Thus we were not surprised now when debates about failed integration, poor education and the poor work prospects of people from the suburbs broke out. But these discussions are not ours, since we can do without state “benefits” in the form of integration, education and work, which mean nothing other than social pacification, just as we can do without state “benefits” in the form of surveillance and police.

Repression and peace are two sides of the same coin, that of false freedom.

The clean image of the social Sweden begins to crumble! Finally! In a pacified country like Sweden, where even the DIY scene is given state money so that they can buy squatted houses from the city in order to preserve the “social peace” and avoid resistance, the facade begins to crumble and out comes the disgusting state racism, the everyday harassment, and now also, for days on end, the incredibly hypocritical media discourse about the so-called “urban underclass”.

We are pleased by every rebellious act that spits in the face of the system! After all we are imprisoned as well in a cage that calls itself democracy! We hate this State and everyone who supports it.

Solidarity with all insurgents!
Best wishes and strength to the rebels of Sweden!

For Anarchy!

(May 2013)