Greece: Immediate lifting of the ban against Stella Antoniou which prevents her from leaving the country

Our comrade and member of the squatted social centre VOX, anarchist Stella Antoniou, who is accused of alleged participation in an armed organization and currently stands trial, is facing a serious health problem for which there is no specialized hospital in Greece. In April 2013, she has scheduled an appointment at a hospital in Switzerland for undergoing medical examinations and exploring the possibility of proper treatment. The prohibition orders imposed on Stella after her 18-month pretrial incarceration, and specifically the ban from leaving the country, stand in the way of this medical appointment. For this, on Tuesday, March 19th, a request was filed for the immediate lifting of the particular ban, a motion which will be answered by the Athens judicial council.

As comrades of Stella Antoniou, we believe that if the judges deny the lifting of this restraining order, they will in fact be denying the right to health care of the problem she is facing. Any refusal or delay in the motion’s examination will clearly be a vindictive practice against a comrade who is being charged on grounds of her factual solidarity towards her prosecuted companion.

Regardless of the charges and the trial underway, regardless of the rest of prohibition orders and the suffocating repressive context, we demand the removal of the restraining order which prevents her from leaving the country.

Any other decision will only be criminal.

Squatted social centre VOX (Exarchia, Athens)