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Niš, Serbia: World solidarity against the World Cup

Antifa crew from Niš doesn’t remain silent while the Brazilian state conducts terror in the streets. A banner was hung at one of the city’s overpasses, reading: “World solidarity against the World Cup – Support favela riots – AFA Niš”. While corporations, states and the media promote the World Cup, which directly brings unhappiness to […]

Balkans: Actions in solidarity with the rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In February 2014, anarchists and antifascists from Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Skopje, Sombor, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Rijeka carried out actions in solidarity with the recent rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We support people’s revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We know that a large number of our fellow citizens think the same way. People from both sides […]

Niš, Serbia: Elections are a farce

Parliamentary election in Serbia was held on March 16, 2014. Previously, and while the sleeping masses were thinking whom of the big Capital’s servants to give their vote to, and thus how to do their ‘civic duty’, the antifa group from Niš called for an election boycott, self-organization, strike and rebellion.

“Fuck off you lying politicians, […]

Niš, Serbia: Banner action in solidarity with Pizzeria Anarchia

To the comrades from the Pizzeria Anarchia squat in Vienna we loudly shout from Niš: “Hold on!”

– Antifascist Action Niš

Serbia: Banner drop of libertarians from Niš

December 7th, 2013: Disgusted at the increasingly arrogant behaviour of gendarmes, and disappointed with the racist attitude of citizens towards asylum seekers, some libertarians proposed a simple exchange: “Give us asylum seekers; you can have the gendarmerie” is the slogan written on a banner hung on one of the overpasses in Niš. Well done to […]

Serbia: Fascism killed Dragan Maksimović

Members of the Niš antifa group took action to commemorate Dragan Maksimović, who died on the 4th of February 2001, after he had been brutally beaten by a fascist gang in the centre of Belgrade on the 17th of November 2000. The fascists attacked him because of his dark complexion, thinking he was Roma.

Antifascists covered […]

Serbia: Antifascist action in Niš

In the night of January 24th, 2013 combatants of the Niš antifa group plastered the city with posters against the rehabilitation of the Chetnik chief and war criminal Dragoljub ‘Draža’ Mihailović. The posters read: ‘Nationalism kills! Antifascism can only be international!’

‘This action comes in response to the need to block the constant attempts of the […]