Niš, Serbia: World solidarity against the World Cup

Antifa crew from Niš doesn’t remain silent while the Brazilian state conducts terror in the streets. A banner was hung at one of the city’s overpasses, reading: “World solidarity against the World Cup – Support favela riots – AFA Niš”.
While corporations, states and the media promote the World Cup, which directly brings unhappiness to many (over 50,000 families were displaced, dozens of people killed, hundreds wounded), and gives a false happiness to those who watch it from their room and cheer for “their” team, we call for world solidarity and rebellion!

Strength to brothers and sisters who hit the streets and clash with cops and fascists – the watchdogs of capitalism and the state.

Let the battle continue even after the final match (but we hope the final will never be played).

Support furious people!

Antifascist Action Niš