Serbia: Banner drop of libertarians from Niš

December 7th, 2013: Disgusted at the increasingly arrogant behaviour of gendarmes, and disappointed with the racist attitude of citizens towards asylum seekers, some libertarians proposed a simple exchange: “Give us asylum seekers; you can have the gendarmerie” is the slogan written on a banner hung on one of the overpasses in Niš. Well done to comrades for continuing the fight in their town. They have proved once again that in Niš, Serbia, the other side exists!

To explain shortly the two references on blogtipomogo:

Over the last months, members of the “elite squad” of police were reportedly involved into loan-sharking, and also after planting a bomb they killed the owner of an exchange office. A member of the gendarmerie from another city killed and burned two people because they supposedly owed him money. Gendarmes were found digging up the soil on “private properties” in search for gold, worked as private security in clubs using resources of the police, and it’s believed they are connected with the local mafia. In a recent incident one gendarmerie member opened fire from a moving car at a woman because he was “provoked” by her slow driving…

Latest incident related to asylum seekers from Africa and Asia (around 250-300 of them were living on the street since there was no room for them in reception centres) occurred when a group of residents from two places were blocking a road to protest the refugees’ transfer into barracks in the municipality of Obrenovac (near Belgrade). Additionally, one of the barracks where migrants were supposed to be accommodated was set on fire (this happened at nighttime, and the person who committed the arson was later arrested). More related news on