São Paulo, Brazil: Solidarity network of prisoners’ families and friends

Don’t be silent: Outskirts against incarceration

In the first two months of this year (2012) the prison population increased by over 5,000 people only in the state of São Paulo. And if there are half a dozen rich among the prison inmates, it’s too much already, because everyone knows that such ‘justice’ is not blind but CYNICAL, and serves to favour the wealthy and to persecute the poor, especially if the latter are black.

Because of this mass incarceration, the prison experience marks the lives of millions of residents of the periphery that suffer from discrimination, lack of information, the opportunism of crooked lawyers, the tardiness of judicial proceedings, the humiliations of waiting queues, the body searches, the terrible prison conditions, and so on.

That is why we are creating a network of solidarity between family members and friends of both women and men prisoners, in the sense that we exchange experience, learn to understand the legal processes, struggle for benefits and rights, and organize ourselves in order to combat the penal and penitentiary system that is so unjust and perverse.

Rede de Comunidades do Extremo Sul de São Paulo–SP
Communities Network of the South End of São Paulo