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Urgent call to continue the solidarity campaign with the repressed Russian anarchists – Actions carried out on February 5-12

received on 17.02.18

More arrests: In the Crimea, special services detained a local anarchist and social activist Yevgeny Karakashev (02/02). In Moscow, an anarchist Elena Gorban was arrested (13/02). On the same day, anarchist Alexei Kobaidze was detained and arrested. We are calling upon everybody to continue the solidarity campaign!




Russia: Letter from the 26-year-old antifascist Alexey Sutuga, imprisoned in Moscow


Hello everyone!

Yet another period of our remand imprisonment is approaching its end, but I am certain that we will be kept locked up a few months more, even without any developments whatsoever in the fabricated criminal case against us.

You already know the details of our arrest and the violations connected to it, but […]

Tenerife, Spanish State: Slogans against repression

Guatemala, Ecuador, Spanish State. Free Abortion, safe and available to all.

Antifas from Moscow, to the street!

Indomitable greetings to the rebels.

Down with the borders. Solidarity with migrants.

Olympics = Repression

Fire to the prisons

From some place of Tenerife […]

Russia: Two anti-fascists remanded on July 4th, after an incident at club “Barrikada” in Moscow

We document a new case of criminalization of Russian anti-fascists that was forwarded by Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow.

4th of July, at Presnenski district court of Moscow, judge Dmitry Dolgopolov fulfilled the request of the police to imprison two of the six anti-fascists, who were remanded in night of 2nd July, […]

Russia: Updates from anti-election protests in Moscow (March 5th)

On March 5th anarchists gathered at Lubjanka and Manege squares in Moscow. When anarchist blocks realized that in Lubjanka Square only around 100 people was gathered (and soon half of them got arrested by a huge force of special mobile police units, OMON), at 7pm Russian time they decided to walk to Pushkin Square. During […]

Russia: Prosecutions and detentions of demonstrators amid anti-election protests

Comrades chased by police during St. Petersburg anti-elections demo

Correspondents of avtonom will spread photos and videos of events on March 5th in Moscow, as well as in St. Petersburg.

According to recent reports, during protest action in Pushkin Square in Moscow about 25 anarchists were arrested. Three more young men were detained in the beginning […]

Moscow: Direct action in solidarity with prosecuted antifascists

On Thursday afternoon, March 1st, a group of nearly 20 anarchists and antifascists blocked the traffic on a central avenue in Moscow, near the metro station Krasnye Vorota (‘Red Gate’), to protest the recent police crackdown in several Russian cities. One of their banners read: ‘Solidarity with antifascists of Nizhny Novgorod.’

The group’s communiqué […]

Moscow: Solidarity action with the ‘Belgrade Six’

Yesterday, February 7th, a picketing of more than ten people was held near the Serbian embassy in Moscow against the resumption of prosecution against Serbian anarchists —the so-called ‘Belgrade Six’ (BG6). This action, part of an international solidarity campaign, was organized by the Moscow group ‘Autonomous Action’ (Автономное Действие) and was also attended by members […]