Moscow: Solidarity action with the ‘Belgrade Six’

Yesterday, February 7th, a picketing of more than ten people was held near the Serbian embassy in Moscow against the resumption of prosecution against Serbian anarchists —the so-called ‘Belgrade Six’ (BG6). This action, part of an international solidarity campaign, was organized by the Moscow group ‘Autonomous Action’ (Автономное Действие) and was also attended by members of the ‘Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-syndicalists’ (Russian section of the International Workers’ Association) and Muscovite libertarian activists.

The rally took place from 19.00 to 19.45 on a frosty evening. Participants held black and red flags, carried a banner that read ‘Freedom for Serbian anarchists’, as well as placards such as ‘Solidarity with the Belgrade Six’ (in English), ‘Cock for you, instead of 18€’ (in Serbian), a text by the AIT-SP (also in Portuguese), etc.

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We remind that Serbian anarchists Tadej Kurepa, Ratibor Trivunac, Ivan Savić, Ivan Vulović, Nikola Mitrović and Sanja Dojkić were arrested in autumn of 2009 with charges of ‘international terrorism’. They were arrested after solidarity action with Greek prisoners in front of the Greek embassy in Belgrade. During that action, ‘Molotov cocktail’ broke a window and caused damage estimated at 18 euro. However, according to the charges, the ‘Belgrade Six’ faced a sentence of 15 years imprisonment.

After a long international campaign of protests, they were fully acquitted in June 2010 by the Supreme Court in Belgrade, which ruled that there are no grounds for a conviction on any of the allegations. The prosecution appealed the verdict, but the Court of Appeal remained silent until the suitable political ground showed up. Just a few days after an antimilitarist action against the NATO summit (held in Belgrade in June 2011, during which Ratibor Trivunac was arrested), the Court of Appeals accepted the prosecutor’s appeal and ordered renewal of the case against the six.

Renewed trial begins today, February 8th, 2012.

For the organizers of the international solidarity campaign, it is obvious that the sole purpose of the continuation of the judicial farce against the ‘Belgrade Six’ is meant as political pressure on the Serbian anarchist movement.

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An older banner made by anarchists in Athens that read: FREEDOM TO THE SERBIAN ANARCHISTS – ΤΗΕ STATES ARE THE ONLY TERRORIST

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