Tenerife, Spanish State: Slogans against repression

Guatemala, Ecuador, Spanish State. Free Abortion, safe and available to all.
Antifas from Moscow, to the street!
Indomitable greetings to the rebels.
Down with the borders. Solidarity with migrants.
Olympics = Repression
Fire to the prisons

From some place of Tenerife (Canary Islands), the name of which we don’t want to remember we have wanted to unite the callout made by Contra Info for actions of international solidarity. For now we have given some life to the walls, but soon we will follow it up with some other action. The case of the antifascists imprisoned in Moscow is one of the causes which we believe deserves a special mention and we wish to send them our strength!

Also, we would like to raise the issue of abortion, because the patriarchical and classist laws of the oppressing States push all those who choose to decide over their own body to underground solutions. And we repeat! My body is mine! Free Abortion, safe and available to all!

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