Torreón, Mexico: Bank ATMs and CCTV camera sabotaged

They will never succeed in making us part of their routine; their civilisation is a cage for us; their jobs, their laws, their norms of social coexistence only make us feel disgust; we do not care about their success, we are not interested in having cars or fully “accommodated” houses where we can have our “lovely” family and so lead a “happy” life. That simply causes us nausea… We do not feel part of the social mass, nor are we interested in struggling for any improvement for the sake of them. The mass are living enchained to their telephones with a thousand and one functions, their giant televisions, objects they do not need but go into monumental amounts of debt to obtain them, enchained to their drugs, enchained to their jobs and their studies in order to “be someone in life”… They only feel free on weekends getting drunk unrestrainedly. We totally reject and hate that style of “life” that’s just a life of the walking dead. We do not represent anyone, nor does anyone represent us, we are only chaotic individualities, we are a wild howl, we are a roar that shakes the dawn.

On Monday night, November 23rd 2015, we sabotaged 3 ATMs of Banamex with paint, along with a security camera of the same bank. Additionally, 1 ATM of BanRegio bank was sabotaged with paint. Vandalising their routine life, showing our contempt for their real god, the god of money. Preparing the ground for Black December where our rucksacks with surprises may be anywhere, where our fire may be ignite at any moment, where any telephone may receive some threat, sometimes false, sometimes not.

“Tick tock tick tock” Black December is approaching.

Until their civilisation is brought to an end

For our fallen and incarcerated ones

For anarchy

For Black December

– Anti-social individualities for the fall of civilisation –

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