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Germany: Live ticker of counter-protests against the Nazi rally in Magdeburg, 12.1.2013

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Greece, October 18th: General strike


22.30 A total of 103 demonstrators were detained by police in Athens, during the general strike.

Seven detentions were later turned into arrests. Among the arrestees, one protester had his nose broken because he was assaulted by murderers in uniform earlier in the […]

Greece, September 26th: General strike

22.15 A gathering was called for tomorrow, September 27th, at 11.30 in Evelpidon courts in Athens, in factual solidarity with approximately 25 arrestees who face charges and remain in custody. Among them 12 were caught at Gardenias square in Zografou in the morning, when the strike rally was banned and attacked by […]

Greece: First day of nationwide protest mobilization – In order to liberate ourselves from debt, we must destroy the existent


23.58 In Athens, the squatters of the Law School defy factually any concept of institutional grant of university asylum, and call out for the expansion of similar resistance centres across Greece. Although we experienced a brutal siege and eviction only one year ago, with […]

Stop Castor 2011: Live updates in English

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Castorticker in German

Greece, October 20th: Constant updates

Second day of nationwide general strike

21.30 GMT+2 At least 10 police squads have chased people in Exarchia Square, Solomou and Stournari streets, fired tear gas and occupied the square. Armed police have also cordoned off the whole neighbourhood.

As expected, the new finance bill was ratified.

20.50 GMT+2 MPs’ session is continued undisturbed. The […]

Greece, October 19th: Constant updates

First day of nationwide general strike

20.20 GMT+2 The police headquarters have just announced that there are 28 detainees, 5 arrestees and 25 injured cops in hospital, in Athens.

19.20 GMT+2 People start gathering outside the Athens police headquarters in Alexandras Avenue, in order to demand the immediate release of all detainees. More people are […]

Protests at the Thessaloniki International Fair 2011

Constant updates:

Later on, from night to Sunday, September 11th, heavy criticism was expressed regarding the students unions’ attitude during Saturday’s demonstration in Thessaloniki.

It must be said that, up till now, 310 academic faculties are under students’ occupation across Greece; therefore, a lot of people speak generally of the current students’ movement with high […]

Wednesday, June 29th: Constant updates

Second day of nationwide general strike

URGENT PLEA FOR DOCUMENTS (PHOTOS/VIDEOS) OF CLASHES, in order to prove the innocence of the arrested demonstrators and to expose the brutality of State’s repression.

Any relevant information should be sent to Athens IMC:

Legal Aid Group of Syntagma Square: 0030 6932 582973, 0030 6938 907267

Videos from […]

Tuesday, June 28th: Constant updates

First day of nationwide general strike

24.00 GMT+2 Downtown Athens has become a battlefield. Yet, the people remain on the streets despite the relentless use of tear gas and the fierce attacks by cops, which culminated during the night. The protesters are in urgent need of aid; whoever withdraws from streets does this because of […]

June 15th: General strike live updates

The last hours of Pompeii (some thoughts from Syntagma today)

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