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Bloomington, Indiana: Sabotage in memory of Lambros Foundas (USA)

A few nights ago we sabotaged about 50 parking meters by gluing their locks, coin slots, and card readers. This was a simple act which took no specialized skill. Get some superglue, cover your face, keep your eyes peeled for cops or loyal citizens, and act.

These parking meters were targeted because they fund the Bloomington […]

Athens: Arson attack against Pangrati police station in memory of Lambros Foundas

“There they are, Man’s highest moments; the moments of exit. Man no longer stagnates into the mire… but storms upward, and with him all life…” (Nikos Kazantzakis)

It’s as if tenacity is growing these days of March. Our tenacity in denying that Lambros will no longer come to our secret meetings. In denying that he won’t […]

Koridallos prisons: Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis on the escape attempt and life sentence

Text of Nikos Maziotis about the operation of escape from Koridallos prison and the sentence of life imprisonment handed down in the 2nd Revolutionary Struggle trial

The attempt to escape from Koridallos prison by helicopter on February 21st 2016 – an operation carried out by comrade Pola Roupa, member of Revolutionary Struggle – was a revolutionary […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attack against Hellenic Post branch in Nea Smyrni

(Original communiqué received March 19th 2016.)

“Who will shatter the rock that for millennia has sat upon individual autonomy? For so long now learning to live has meant learning to die.” How many years of commercial society? How many more of “civilised” existence? And all this for what? We take part in the most paranoid experiment […]

Greek prisons – Revolutionary Struggle case: Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas transferred to Koridallos prison ahead of second-instance trial

On May 21st 2015, the Solidarity Assembly for political prisoners & imprisoned and prosecuted fighters reported that the anarchist prisoners Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas were transferred from Domokos prison to the dungeon in Koridallos women’s prison ahead of the second-instance trial on Revolutionary Struggle’s action (2003-2010).

Gournas and Maziotis are currently separated from other prisoners […]

Berlin: Cop car burnt for Lambros Foundas and in solidarity with the hunger strikes in Greek prisons

You stopped being human when you signed up for a disgusting profession.

For your shitty order, you kill everywhere in the world for the democratic peace. Highly prepared and armed to the teeth, you hunt down people in pneumatic boats to send them with best regards from “Made in EU” to the bottom of the Mediterranean […]

Greece: Open letter of Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa from clandestinity

On July 16th, 2014 the armed dogs of the establishment unleashed a fierce manhunt, and comrade Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle, was hit by a cop’s bullet and fell covered in blood. The comrade gave his battle against the cops that were chasing him. The state apparatus in its totality triumphed over the […]

Athens: Nikos Maziotis transferred to Koridallos prison

On Saturday morning, July 19th, 2014, an interrogator visited the room in Evangelismos hospital where Nikos Maziotis was being treated since July 16th, after the armed clash with cops in Monastiraki, which caused his injury and captivity. When the anarchist prisoner was asked what his name is, he did not answer anything. When he was […]

Santiago: Action at the Greek embassy in remembrance of Lambros Foundas and in solidarity with Kostas Gournas

Banner and fliers at the Embassy of Greece Thursday, July 10th, 2014, Santiago

The Bad Times will be lit ablaze…

On July 10th, 2014 we put up a banner outside the Greek embassy, accompanied by a shower of fliers thrown in the streets (of the Republic) that are always clean and tidy in the district of […]

Greece: Revolutionary Struggle claims responsibility for car bomb explosion in Athens city centre

In the early morning hours of Thursday, April 10th, 2014 —after two warning phone calls to the media— a car bomb with 75kg of explosives was detonated outside one of Bank of Greece’s offices, located at Amerikis Street in Athens, causing extensive material damages in the surrounding area (but no injuries).

Fifteen days later, the urban […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for Molotov attack on police station, in remembrance of Revolutionary Struggle member Lambros Foundas

“With torches blown out long time ago, my old comrades walk with sidesteps in the pupils of my eyes… I close my mouth tightly and scream… That’s when they savagely invaded my arteries dragging the broken flagpole, and there, in the eighth artery, in the small cavity of the heart where my dead […]

[Chile] Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras: Words for Felicity Ryder, anarchist fugitive from Power, and reflections on clandestinity

‘I am proud of being an anarchist, of being an enemy of Power, Authority and the State. —Felicity Ann Ryder’ (mural painted in Buenos Aires)

Nearly two years ago now, we diffused a text in solidarity with antiauthoritarian comrade Diego Ríos, who has been underground since 2009 (because of the arrest warrant issued […]

Athens: Oral declaration to the court by Pola Roupa, member of Revolutionary Struggle – October 24th, 2011

Let me begin by commenting on the main accusation against us, that we have founded a ‘terrorist organization,’ by which ‘we were targeting the country’s established constitutional order seeking its overthrow or even its alteration.’ I would like to underline this point. This charge by itself is the biggest proof that this is in fact […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on the police station of Acropolis in remembrance of Lambros Foundas

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible…” (T. E. Lawrence)

This we […]

Athens: Demo in memory of slain anarchist Lambros Foundas, and in solidarity with the Revolutionary Struggle members and all those prosecuted in the same case

Demonstration in memory of anarchist Lambros Foundas, member of Revolutionary Struggle… Three years ago, on the 10th of March 2010, comrade Lambros Foundas was killed in armed battle with the police in the suburb of Dafni, Athens, in his attempt to expropriate a car which would have been used in an action of the organization.

Lambros Foundas […]

Santiago, $hile: Barricades and clashes in solidarity with the Revolutionary Struggle comrades

On Thursday, November 22nd, at about 8am, a group of hooded acratists exited the Central University, which is next to the Almagro park in downtown Santiago, and set fire to barricades on San Ignacio street to interrupt traffic flow.

The irruption into the routine transfer of people from home to work, and vice versa, through this […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for attack on the State Legal Council headquarters on Akadimias street

International solidarity days with the Revolutionary Struggle

On Friday, November 23rd, at 12pm, we chose to attack the State Legal Council symbolically.

We chose the particular target because of the judiciary’s contribution to the court proceeding against the Revolutionary Struggle. A trial conducted by a special court (an emergency court-martial), where […]

Athens: Solidarity action for the Revolutionary Struggle case by anarchist comrades of the assembly for the CCF case

Honour forever to anarchist Lambros Foundas, member of the Revolutionary Struggle group

Solidarity with the Revolutionary Struggle members and those prosecuted for the same case

Honour forever to Revolutionary Struggle member Lambros Foundas

Solidarity with the Revolutionary Struggle members and the co-accused in the same case

Madrid: Factual solidarity with the eight comrades who are prosecuted for the Revolutionary Struggle case in Athens

Anarchist solidarians in Madrid released two pamphlets which contain translations of summaries of trial sessions in Koridallos women’s prisons and political statements of prosecuted comrades, as well as interventions in the two-day event ‘For the Struggle and the Revolution,’ that was held on June 7-8, 2012 in Athens, and other counter-informative material such as the […]

[Greece] November 22, 23, 24: International solidarity call for the Revolutionary Struggle case

Background information and constant updates in English on Revolutionary Struggle Case and Actforfreedomnow!


Social revolution is not a past; it is the present and future of the world.

Regarding the call for international solidarity and action

As assembly for the Revolutionary Struggle case and in continuance of solidarity […]

Athens: Responsibility claim for incendiary attack on the police station of Acropolis

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Greek original

Greece: A poem by the inmates from the 2nd wing of Larissa men’s prisons dedicated to Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas, the little son of two members of Revolutionary Struggle

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 For Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas’ birthday

Born behind prison bars, the visible ones, that hide the heavens

The human guards, the cops and crows, the patrons of quiet sleep were the midwife of yours

You celebrated your first birthday with the shadows cast by steel barriers…

Bourgeois democracy is so merciful…

Now it’s your second […]

Athens: Written declaration to the court by Nikos Maziotis, member of Revolutionary Struggle – October 24th, 2011

This trial is a political trial in which revolutionaries are judged, who chose armed struggle to fight for the overthrow of capitalism and the State, the overthrow of the criminal regime that you, as judges, defend.

Your court is a special court set up under the orders of the American and British imperialists and custodians of […]

Murcia, Spain: Responsibility claim for incendiary attacks on ATMs

On Sunday May 6th, at dawn, we sabotaged ATMs of various banks, like the Banco Santander (well-known for financing the arms industry). On that same night, the precarious and passive youth was spending its time drinking and dancing in the very same city where its ATM-temples were set on fire. We despise the fact […]

Lublin, Poland: Direct action in solidarity with political prisoners across the world

translation from the Polish original:

Solidarity attack on ATMs

In the last days of March 2012, we attacked three ATMs with paint, each belonging to another bank.

The growing climate of state repression must meet with our overwhelming response. An uncompromising attack of the Capital, taking away from us the remaining social gains, can no longer remain unanswered.

Violence […]