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Athens: Responsibility claim for Molotov attack on police station, in remembrance of Revolutionary Struggle member Lambros Foundas

“With torches blown out long time ago, my old comrades walk with sidesteps in the pupils of my eyes… I close my mouth tightly and scream… That’s when they savagely invaded my arteries dragging the broken flagpole, and there, in the eighth artery, in the small cavity of the heart where my dead comrades are asleep, I give my battle in whispers…”

You need to push your acts to their most extreme limits; to put yourself to the test in struggle, with your entire being on combatant alert; to find yourself in assemblies, demonstrations, wildcat strikes, and barricades, just like Lambros did; to be on time for conspiratorial dates, present in the mapping of the enemy and the city, aware of the necessity for resupply, prepared to lube firearms, to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the fight, like thunder…

You should initiate all those processes, and whatever their start may be make sure to get a good ending, because history remains scanty if we don’t touch upon it…

On our side, moving constantly within this context, we honoured the memory of anarchist fighter and revolutionary Lambros Foundas on Saturday night, March 8, 2014 by attacking the police station in Nea Chalkidona, suburb of Athens; catching once again the state mechanisms off guard, we torched a patrol car which was parked outside, as well the guard booth and entrance door of the cop station, showing them that fighters are the only ones who will choose the place, time and way to unleash their hatred toward the designated enemies of freedom.

Lambros: you are not missing from any moment of the struggle, because you’re always present, like you used to be… Lambros: nothing is over, because everything continues…

Honour forever to Lambros Foundas, who only took a break four years ago (March 10, 2010) in Dafni, Athens, and continues to inspire us in his own, unique way.

Revolution first and always, until victory…

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