Berlin: Cop car burnt for Lambros Foundas and in solidarity with the hunger strikes in Greek prisons

You stopped being human when you signed up for a disgusting profession.

For your shitty order, you kill everywhere in the world for the democratic peace. Highly prepared and armed to the teeth, you hunt down people in pneumatic boats to send them with best regards from “Made in EU” to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. If this is not enough, you dismember refugees and divide them into bins throughout Athens. Your inherently fascist characteristics are more and more visible today. The fear of being seen with fascist assholes in public worries you as little as executing a defenseless homeless person before the cameras. In the elections in Greece, more than half of the cops voted for Golden Dawn in the electoral district of Attica, which is not surprising, just like the entanglement of all repressive apparatus of Germany with their buddies from the NSU [Nationalist Socialist Underground]. The argument of the black sheep among many does not count for us. There is a whole system behind this; a domination of the authorities, who cling on with all their might to their power and who will therefore stop at nothing.

We have had enough of having to read such news daily, in which you are celebrated as heroes of a brain-dead society. But you must have this celebration without us. Let us tell you one thing: we will go after you until you incarcerate or kill us.

We take responsibility for the cop car on fire at the Lichtenberg station [on March 10th]. We chose this date as a minimal gesture against forgetting and in memory of Lambros Foundas, who was killed by cops on March 10th 2010 in Athens.

We stand in solidarity with the hunger strike in Greek prisons, although we consider it problematic to issue demands to the state, which could give the state the illusion of being acknowledged as negotiating partner.

PS: We salute those who burned a police car in Exarchia on February 6th 2015 and those who broke the consensus of a peaceful demonstration with Molotov cocktails on February 26th.

For the abolition of all prisons!
Power and strength to all the hunger strikers in Greek prisons!
For Anarchy!

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