Koridallos prison, Athens: Open letter of Gerasimos Tsakalos concerning attempted charges against Kostas Sakkas in the CCF case (20.1.2014)

Ever since the escape of urban guerrilla fighter Christodoulos Xiros,* the anti-terrorist force, that promotes itself as the police elite of Power, has unleashed a witch-hunt in an attempt to get revenge and restore their wounded prestige.

In parallel, the mainstream media as if they were the exclusive proprietors and manufacturers of truth consolidate their falsehood through a communicational war against our organization. This time the journalists’ propaganda opted to display us as “mafia guys”, “prison leaders”, “doorkeepers”, exploiting an act of self-redress —the beating of slanderer Y.Naxakis— as well as a couple of texts of his comrades which are exposing situations and facts, thus making them available to any prospective enemy —cops, judges, journalists. We won’t talk more about this issue; from now on acts will do the talking if necessary.

Within this context, on January 16th** we were informed that Kostas Sakkas was rearrested, accused in the Halandri case on the basis of fingerprints found in trash bags.

From the very first moment we have made it clear in every way and every tone that none of the individuals arrested for alleged involvement in the CCF, those who never claimed responsibility for participation, have ANY KIND of relation with the organization and our practices. We have stated this fact in courts, we have written the same in texts, and most importantly, it’s evident because of the distinct paths, values and convictions that we have chosen, which contrast with the choices of most of them.

So, we find ourselves back in a period of intensive anti-terrorism campaign against the CCF.

The cops have “randomly” discovered, after 4.5 years, fingerprints of K.Sakkas on a trash bag with residues of an explosive device associated with the CCF case. But the cops themselves know the truth; it just doesn’t serve the purpose of their planning.

The truth is that K.Sakkas neither had nor could ever have any kind of relation with the CCF. His only link to this whole story is the former friendly connection with me personally —as this is anyway known to both the police and the judicial authorities.

Therefore, the reason why fingerprints of the specific individual were found on trash bags —if indeed they ever were found— is that I had personally used these plastic bags, when I took them from the common home where both K.Sakkas and I lived as housemates. So, it is very likely that he could have touched one of these bags, since they were kept in a shared space of that home.

Nevertheless, I was the one who carried these trash bags to the house in Halandri, where two comrades of the Conspiracy resided, namely Haris [Hadjimihelakis] and Giorgos [Nikolopoulos], and I was the one who used these plastic bags—without being aware that the house in Halandri was being surveilled by anti-terrorist units—in order to throw out some garbage, among them components of residues of an explosive device. I realize that every single word brings its own set of consequences and has its corresponding price. I know that by assuming responsibility, as I do now, “justice” will have another 60–70 years in prison to “offer” me. Moreover, they never had any incriminating evidence against me for this particular affair, not to mention this is why I was never arraigned in the Halandri case.

However there’s something more important than a licit, crippled and compromised “liberty”. And this is anarchist dignity, that doesn’t mind bearing the legal consequences. If it hadn’t been for an unrelated person, like K.Sakkas, falsely blamed for this particular affair, then obviously I wouldn’t have any reason to expose the details of my own “guilt”.

We are no holy martyrs to “sacrifice” ourselves. Neither is this act of mine done in the context of some “goodness”, or in the name of the old friendship with this specific individual. Besides, we have positioned ourselves publicly concerning K.Sakkas, due to his attitude during hunger strike, and we do not consider him a comrade, or even an anarchist.***

This however does not mean that we will sit and watch uninvolved the police-judicial plans unfold, that are using our organization as an umbrella for taking other comrades captive —such as anarchist Spyros Mandylas, who is held on remand accused for the “Phoenix Project”, only because he is one of the few who stood in solidarity beside us— or for upgrading criminal charges against other unrelated persons, and ordering their remand.

For it is now that lies should be ashamed of themselves, seeing as the mouths that manufacture them have no shame.

The views expressed in this text are those of the entire Conspiracy; it so happens that this is also my personal political statement about the new indictment in the Halandri case.

Gerasimos Tsakalos, CCF member

PS.1 Since the circus is far from over, we clarify openly and publicly (once again) that we DEMAND that texts of the CCF prison cell do not get published on the alternative-leftist webpage of athens indymedia, which has evolved into an online coffee place for gossips and anonymous defamatory comments. End of story.

PS.2 Words may differentiate us, but deeds unite us. Comradely salutes to urban guerrilla fighter Christodoulos Xiros.

CCF-FAI/IRF Prison Cell

Translators’ Notes:
* The title of this post as well as all links are ours.
** Kostas Sakkas is held in the Athens police headquarters since January 16th, when an arrest warrant was issued on the basis of new incriminating evidence against him, related this time to the so-called “Halandri case” from the mega-prosecution against the CCF. This text of Gerasimos Tsakalos was issued before the hearing that will determine whether or not Sakkas will be remanded for a third consecutive time, as the latter was given an extension until Tuesday 21/1 to prepare his defense and reappear in court.
*** Related texts can be found here: i, ii