Greece: Two comrades arrested and accused of all the actions that have taken place as the ‘Phoenix Project’

Thessaloniki, night of July 11th, 2013: two anarchists were arrested on charges of terrorism in relation to four responsibility claims for the PHOENIX PROJECT by FAI/FRI direct action groups. Also, the Nadir squat was raided and searched by the anti-terrorist force.

In the same police operation, one person was arrested in the area of Stavroupoli, while the other was caught inside the anarchist hangout Nadir (in the area of 40 Ekklisies, near the campus). The two comrades are facing grave charges and possible remand. On the evening of July 12th, they were transferred to the Athens police headquarters. Both are in good health, and will appear before interrogator on Wednesday, July 17th. More updates as they come.

Sources in Greek: a, b, c – Info in English: a, b, c