Finland: Direct actions against Talvivaara mining company

Thursday 7.3.2013 a group of people gathered in front of Finlandia Hall [in Helsinki] to demonstrate their discontentment against environmental crimes done by Finnish mining company Talvivaara* while the company was having shareholders meeting.

At the same time we did a solidarity action at Talvivaara headquarters in the city of Espoo.

We throw smoke bombs inside the corridor of the building and decorated the wall with anti-Talvivaara slogan.

Our action was in solidarity with all those who have been suffering of the operations of Talvivaara mine and those who are fighting against the company.

We also want to express our solidarity to smallholder rebellions in Kulon Progo area in Java Island [in Indonesia] and Tukijo that is imprisoned by the Indonesian State.

We are deeply sorry about extra heartbeats we caused for the worker in the corridor.


* Finnish mining company having a huge open-pit mine in North-Eastern Finland. For years local people and activists have brought up the fundamental violation of environmental legislation of Talvivaara. In December 2012 the company had major leak of poisonous waste water into lakes around the mining area causing large-scale pollution and it has still serious problems to “clean” the production line – probably never succeed. Talvivaara is mining mainly nickel and zinc, but uranium as well.

Source: Takku