Berlin: Protest actions in solidarity with the 300 hunger strikers in Greece

At noon of March 8th, we – activists of the Solidarity Initiative Berlin – have performed a protest action at the Greek Embassy in Berlin. Our target was to express our dismay about the criminal position of the Greek government towards the 300 migrants whose hunger strike is lasting now for 43 days. The hunger striking workers run the risk of suffering durable harms and with every further day of hunger strike, the death is becoming more probable.

In the framework of this protest action, we rendered a notice to the ambassador that he sent as a fax to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens. Beyond we were distributing information sheets concerning the hunger strikes of the immigrants and the backgrounds to the pedestrians around. Finally we were positioning a banner in the entrance of the embassy whose contents is demanding the legalization of the migrants.

Furthermore, we were directing towards politicians and social actors and were pressuring them for a statement and to apply pressure to the Greek government so that the justified demands of the hunger strikers will be fulfilled.

Soon will the solidarity initiative publish a video in the internet that documents the warrant of the ambassador to send the rendered protest letter to the responsible department “illegal migration” [sic] in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To forestall the slander from the Greek government concerning the motivation of our action, we declare unambiguously, that we were not influenced or provoked by anyone: our motivation supplies alone by our political consciousness and our duty to stand in solidarity by the side of all those who are impaired by the policy of the government. The migrants living in Greece rank thereby first.

The Solidarity Initiative Berlin is following the appeal for the international day of solidarity to the 300 hunger strikers and calls out for a protest rally on Thursday, March 10th, at 4 PM, in Kottbusser Tor / Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Solidarity Initiative Berlin

On March 10th a solidarity gathering will also be held at Rathausplatz, 6 PM, in Freiburg, Germany.