Portugal: Viva Javier Recabarren, anarchist!

received on 15.03.18

[black and insurrect memory] Viva Javier Recabarren,


He roamed the streets of Santiago do Chile with full conviction of  what  he  felt, against a terrorist police, against a society that mistreatsand tortures human beings and other animals. His deep revolt against thegrids of cages and prisons arose directly from his heart. Wild and free, he wandered his brief anarchist life like a comet, bright with love andrebellion. The comrade Javier Recabarren dies, ran over by a killing machine in the same street where he fought so many times (18 mars 2015). An indomitable wisdomof the acracy ran through his veins, in a young 11-years-old body!

Viva Javier! Honor to your memory.
You live in us, we live with you by our side. With the black and insurrect memory of all those who fight and give us strength, like you, Javier Recabarren!

Venceremos!!! (A)

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